A Good Rain, But Corned and a Sleepless Night

Sunday December 1, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Rainy days

It was raining as I got it going today and it rained all night.


I didn’t get up until about noon as I’m corned which means I’ve eaten or drunk something with corn or something derived from corn. That really wouldn’t be so bad if I could tell what it is that gets me but there’s a delay of about 9 hours so it’s hard to tell and once I get it if I don’t stop eating whatever it is the full body itching gets worse and interferes with my sleep. I’ve learned not to get upset with that as it does no good.

It’s complicated

And even if I can figure out what got me the effect lasts several weeks to get the itches out of my system. Even worse, I will likely tangle with some more corned food before that time is up which just complicates things even more especially trying to figure out what’s getting me.

Roll with it

The best thing I’ve learned to do is roll with it. If I can’t sleep I can rest and lots of times I fall asleep around day break as the corn itches start to let up a little. So the best thing to do is stay in bed and sleep until I wake.

No sleep last night

Last night was especially bad and I didn’t get much sleep this morning either.

A little after noon I drove on down to town and did some shopping for some corn less food, I hope. :O) I did that after taking care of the chickens. They were a bit damp but seemed to fair ok in this rain storm.

Napping throughout the day

When I got home it was back to bed for naps which I did most of the day while the rain continued outside, mostly just a gentle rain.

Not one of my best days, but the rains gentle pitter patter was nice to hear.

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