Another River Mouth Closure

Wednesday February 5, 2014 Jenner CA.

I thought I better kayak before the rains hit


It looked like the wind was down at Jenner this morning by the weather report so I headed on down that way. I could tell the river’s mouth was closed as I approached Jenner as the water level was high. The where high clouds and no wind when I put in my boat. I paddled across the river to Penny island and into the little slot at the east end and took it easy for a bit, just enjoying the nice calm day. Since it was clear today, I shot this picture of Jenner.jenner



After awhile, I headed on up the river on the south side and passed this harbor seal resting on a submerged redwood log.




I slowly worked my way up to Eagle’s Landing which was real nice and calm, so I sat around in that area for awhile.




Eventually, I headed back on down the river towards the river’s mouth area as I wanted to check out what it looked like.

I saw some feathers in the grass at the west end of Penny Island, so I went over to investigate. Looked like some bird  got it’s bones picked clean. Likely a hawk of some kind. The reddish stuff is it’s bones picked clean.



From there I continued on down towards the river’s mouth and I passed some seagulls in the water. This one had something I can’t make out in it’s beak.




When I got to the rivers mouth, it sure was closed with sand. I think the higher high tides can still make it over the top, so big fish can still come in. The sand is about three feet high.



Looks like we are back letting the water level rise until it hits seven feet again. Maybe the rain I heard is coming in will do something to open it sooner?

I didn’t stay out too long today as I’ve been trying to fix my posting problems of this blog, which hasn’t been going too well, but I hope that will improve as I’ve got my ISP in the loop to see what’s wrong.

When we get it fixed, this will get posted.

Had a nice day on the river.

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