Fish Feeding Frenzy at Jenner

Thursday February 6, 2014 Jenner CA.

We are finally getting some rain, but it’s still nice to go kayaking at Jenner

It rained all night long, but this morning it started to clear.

I worked on this blogs posting problems until I couldn’t do any more. It’s up to my ISP and they are working on it. This post will get posted when he gets it fixed, which I hope is soon.

So, since the rain was clearing and even the drizzles where going away, I put my rain gear on,  just in case and headed on down to Jenner to kayak for the day.

There was a light wind and it was cloudy, but still nice. John, the river cleaner upper, came by as I was launching so we shot the bull for awhile, then I put my boat in the water and headed across the river to Penny Island. But before I got there a yellow kayak approached, with Mary in it, only other boat on the water. I talked with her for a bit and then continued on my way to the little channel on the east end of Penny Island where I hung out for awhile.

The wind was blowing from up the river, so I didn’t feel like going up river, so I eventually headed down the river towards the mouth area, taking my time.

The river’s mouth is closed

Here’s a photo of the river’s mouth, closed up by sand.rivermouth


I think big fish can still get into the river during high, high tides and rough oceans  as the sand dam isn’t that high.

I continued on down to the end of the river and sat and watched.

This is the end of the river and I sat over by those rocks when all hell broke out. Hell, if you are a fish.riverend


As I sat there, there were a lot of harbor seals in the water around me.seals


Fish feeding frenzy

All of a sudden, seagulls started landing and squawking thirty feet from me.seagulsfeed


They moved my way with a lot of splashing, I knew there were some seals there too from all the splashingseagulls


A seal surfaced right in front of me and the hunt was on. They were all right next to me and I thought I might get tipped over, they were so close and moving though the water fast.seal


They respected my space and didn’t dump me, then started to move away up the beach just a bit and really let loose.

Mary, the lady I was talking with earlier was walking on the beach close by, but didn’t see this action.feeding


More of the fish feeding frenzy action.mary


Mary missed this all as she was intent on her walking, I guess? :O)mary2


I think these were smaller fish as there were some cormorants involved in some of the action and they like smaller fish.cormorants


After all that excitement, I moved over a little and got out of the wind behind Haystack rock. Some seagulls were also there out of the wind and waiting for more fish feeding action.seagull


I didn’t stay too long down there as I was thinking I needed to get home to see if any action was happening with my blog posting problem.

As I passed the river’s mouth area, I noticed this Great Blue Heron sitting there. That’s unusual, as they just don’t sit around this area, almost never.

That little fact helps to convince me that the feeding frenzies today were small fish, as that’s also what they eat, just like the cormorants that were also present down here today.heron


This is the view as I headed back up the river to the Jenner launch area from the river’s mouth area.jenner


I checked the water level gauge at the visitor center, about 4.5 feet. gauge


I went on home and checked my computer for my ISP’s response on my posting problem and liked it when he reported that he was able to duplicate the problem and was working on it when he has time.

That was pretty much my day and another good one.

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