Armstrong Valley Farm and I Tap Another Spring For a Drink of Water

Wednesday May 24, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Van paint

I thought I’d do a little painting on the top of my van, so I got the stuff out. But I decided it was too breezy to do any painting so I thought I’d wait until evening but it was even breezier, so not today.vanroof1


Armstrong Valley Farm

I went over to see what my brothers Barry and Tom where up to. I found them in Tom’s hothouse getting some plant starts.hothouse2


Tom has been busy planting stuff for the season and has quite a lot planted already.garden3


Another part of the garden.garden4


And another garden all planted.garden5


We all went over to Tom’s place to help him unload some stuff off his truck.

The reward was he had a bunch of fresh strawberries getting ripe.berries6


Rode up into the hills to check another new spring

I just wanted to check out this spring to see about tapping it, so I rode on up to where it was to have a look. This one would be much easier to tap than the other new spring I’ve been working on that the dirt has slid down on a couple times, as it’s just coming out of a small hole in the hillside, so there is very little I have to do to tap this one.spring7


I cleaned it out a little with my hands and feet and made a small dam to see how much water was coming out of the hill. Looks pretty good and I was thinking of a drink of water.spsring8


I hadn’t planned on it, but this one was so simple to get a temporary tap, I rode on over a short distance to where I had some black pipe pieces to pick one up.bike9


I selected a piece of pipe I thought would work and headed back to the spring to hook it up.pipes10


Quick and dirty

All I had to do was put the pipe in the dam and put some rocks on it to hold it in place.tap11


And in a few minutes I had a good flow of water coming out the pipe.water12


Pretty simple hookup to get better drinking water than most people in the world get to drink.

I’ll do a better job of tapping it later as this one will be real easy compared to the other one I’ve been working on.

And yes, I did get a real good drink of that water before heading home.

Nice day.

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