The Shed, the Garage and Moving the Dirt In the New Spring

2023 May 23, 2023 Guerneville CA.


When I look at my new shed, I think it could use some green paint on the wood in the front.shed1


I looked at what I had in canned spray paint and I didn’t have any green, but I had lots of this color, so that’s what it got. I can always go over it with green, but so far, this is doing the job.shed3


Garage cleanup

Then I worked on cleaning the garage up a bit. I didn’t get very far, but I did make some plans on where things should go.garage2


Spring Work

The new spring I’ve been working on needed the dirt from the slide moved to clean it up, so I rode on up there to clean this up which means shoveling it onto the road to get it out of the way. It hasn’t slid any more so I’m hoping it’s done sliding.dirt4


I’d  move dirt and sit in my chair and then move some more. I almost have it in this photo.dirt6



Any time I find rocks while digging I put them aside for use later during the spring tapping process. I’ll likely have to haul some more of them to this spot from somewhere else to complete the job.rocks5



I got all the dirt moved and the spring water exposed where it is coming out of the hill.water7


By this time I was good and tired out so decided that will do for one day, so went on home.

Chair hopping

I was sitting around the yard in the evening when I heard this male quail call as they moved through the yard, eating as they went.quail8


It turned out there where two pair of them. I was wondering how this chicken would get along with them? They left each other alone as the quail moved on out of the yard to go feed somewhere else, I suspect.birds9


Nice day.

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