Armstrong Valley Farm Raid and the Computer Game

Sunday August 31, 2014 Guerneville CA.

Computers can be fun

My friend Marty came by this morning with his new mini computer with Win8  on it and as he was an XP man, he didn’t have much hair left. I knew he had likely messed up a lot of stuff on it by trying to set it up, so I knew I had a good game going.

We started working on it at around 11AM and were done with it sometime just after 5pm.  It was a tough battle as we fought back and forth with the computer trying to get it to  do what he wanted, remember he is an XP guy. :O)

Anyway, I think we got most of  what he wanted accomplished, although with a bit less hair than he came with.

We did take some walks around the yard once in awhile while waiting for the computer to do some things and that was good.

Armstrong Valley Farm

I asked Marty if he wanted to go over to my brothers garden and raid his berries. My brother runs Armstrong Valley Farm. Marty’s answer didn’t take long and we were off. It’s just a short walk through the apple orchard and through the creek to get there.

This was our view of his garden as we opened the gate to get in. We turned left in front of the pile.sunflowers


Walking up the road, this was our view, looking back to the green


Continuing on up the road to our goal along this road. I can see them up ahead now.gardenroad


There they are, that big green patch.berrybushes


Our mouths are starting to water, Yummmmmmmmmmm.berrypatch


Strawberry heaven

We were in one of my brother’s strawberry patches. Marty ate a few, then stopped and I encouraged him to eat some more berries, but he said he felt guilty of eating  my brothers profits. I assured him it was ok, but whatever, so we continued on up the road some more where we ran into last years strawberry plantings which my brother wasn’t taking care of anymore and there were a lot of berries, so we ate many more berries until we couldn’t eat anymore, then ate a few more. It’s the kind of thing that is, the spice of life, if you get my drift. :O)

Just a few of the strawberries we made disappear.strawberrys


We continued walking on the road, turning the loop at the end and this is the view, looking back to the green house where we came into the garden. The big trees are mostly redwood trees, which you can get an idea of the size by comparing them to the green house, or apple trees in the orchard behind the green house. Big.armstronggarden


At the green house we turned around and looked back towards the strawberry patch and that sunflower that is almost done at he bottom left. Fall is in the air.sunflower


We crossed back over the creek and up into this apple orchard and headed for home, returning the way we came, except full of strawberries.path


Final battles with the computer

We did some final battles with the computer and finally called it a day. That computer sure put up a fight. I think it was trying to beat us by wearing us down. :O)

All that game playing with the computer wore me out, so I had a good nap after Marty left with his somewhat tamed computer. He still had a bit of hair left, so he has a chance. :O)

I spent the rest of the evening watering stuff in the yard and mostly just chair hopping, which I especially enjoy in the evenings.

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