Ride, Hike, Repair, and an Afternoon Paddle at Jenner

Monday September 1, 2014 Jenner CA.

Tried to finish up a pipe repair,…..But

Today seemed like a good day to finish the chewed up pipe repair I started a couple weeks ago up in the hills where we get our water from springs. I rode the little quad runner up to our water tanks and then went on a little hike, straight up the hill in back of the tanks.tanks


I hiked up this ravine as that is where the water comes down the hill from one of our springs and that is where the pipe needs fixing. The part that needs fixing is just about as far as you can see up in the trees. Up I went at a slow pace.hike


Last time I was up there, I had a piece of pipe to repair the black pipe, but no clamps, so it still leaked a bit. The black pipe had been severely chewed up by a raccoon or something? I installed the two clamps, but I only brought up a screw driver and the screw driver slots weren’t deep enough to tighten the clamps good enough to stop the water from leaking, so I didn’t accomplish much, except get some exercise. I’ll need to come back again with a socket driver to fix this right.piperepair


The spring water runs about a thousand feed straight down this hill to the storage tanks, so there is no pressure in this line, so the leak isn’t too bad, but it’s still wasted water, will the water cops get me for wasting water in this drought? :O)

Nap and something to eat and off to kayak

When I got back home from that job, I hit the couch for a bit and then had something to eat and then went on down to Jenner to kayak just after two PM. I was waiting for the holiday crowd to leave, or at least most of the people.

Most of the people were gone when I arrived at Jenner, at least the biggest hoard of them, so I put my boat in the water without too much trouble and headed on up the river at my usual slow pace, stopping often.

Birds along the shore

I saw some birds across the river, so I went over to check them out. As I approached, some more birds started to show up. These geese were all just standing there, but they couldn’t be seen until I got close to them.geese


I worked my way up the river to musk rat nest and sat for a bit. There was a low wind today, but it was getting  calmer as the day progressed.

Sitting at musk rat nest looking back down the river to the town of Jenner.russianriver


Eventually, I started back down the river and stopped in this little channel on the east end of Penny Island, where I had a good little nap, ……………it was so peaceful.pennyisland


After resting up, I continued on down the north side of Penny Island and stopped near the west end. Some little pipers flew in and landed close by me. Buddy birds.pipers


River’s mouth area

It was just off of high tide as I approached the river’s mouth and the sun was getting close to going down for the day.

I sat in this spot for a bit watching the goings on.rivermouth


Harbor seals

Some harbor seals were sitting on a big rock close by and were all looking at me.seals


Great blue heron

I wasn’t planning to stay for sunset, so I started back after a bit and headed to the west end of Penny Island and went on  up the north side of the island, where I ran into this great blue heron getting some of the last sun light for the day.heron


Like I said earlier, the wind died down as I paddled along.kayak


I’m headed on in to the visitor center launch ramp here and the water has gone flat for a bit.jenner

That was a nice leisurely paddle and by now everyone else was gone off the water for the day as I pulled my boat out of the water and  went on home myself.

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