Arrived in Quartzite and Checking Things Out

Wednesday February 12, 2020 Quartzite Arizona

Drive day

I had a nice quiet peaceful sleep at my Essex camp spot. I was on the road around 9 headed east then south towards Parker, Arizona to do some shopping. Shopping wasn’t too good as I couldn’t find the things I could eat and wanted. Oh well, I have plenty of stuff to eat on board.


From Parker I headed on South, an hours drive to Quartzite. I drove into Patti and Marty’s place but no one was home so I made myself at home and puttered around my van until they showed up in about an hour. They’d been out on a jeep ride with the gang, which they do on most Wednesdays.

Shooting the bull and making plans

We sat down and had a bull session taking about past stuff and making some future plans. Marty has a four wheel drive ride he’d like to do, maybe on my way  home if it all works out.

Other plans

Otherwise I’m waiting for my friend Dan to arrive tomorrow which is today now. We plan to do some hiking in the KOFA just south of here.

Around 5 I took a ride down town and around to have a look at things then headed over to my camp spot near the library.

Once we head out to the Kofa, I’ll not have internet for several days but will post when I get back.

Nice day, the temperature here right now is real nice.

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One Response to Arrived in Quartzite and Checking Things Out

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    I’m glad you arrived at Quartzsite safely. Enjoy your time with Marty and Patti and Dan when he arrives.
    Hope the warm weather remains for a while!

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