Horse Tank Camp With Dan in the Kofa

February 14, 2020 Horse Tank, Kofa, Arizona


We’re backing up a bit here to show you some pictures.

Little Walker Creek Rd. Camp

Here I am parked at Little Walker Creek camp spot where it went down to 20 degrees F. I was abut 9000 feet up there so that was part of the reason. It was a bit muddy when I pulled in but when I left the mud was all frozen.freeze


I got up and jumped into the driver’s seat in my jammies and took off down 395 to let things warm up a bit.

A bit of snow

This was my view as I drove out to 395,snow


My view driving down 495 towards Bishop.395


Lunch stop

I wanted to finish getting up and eat something before I hit Bishop so pulled over here and had lunch with the cows.cows


Quartzite camp

This is my camp spot in Quartzite where I camped after I arrived.q


The next day I drove over to visit Marty. I found him helping Dennis mount his big jack on his tire carrier. Marty is on the right.workers


Dan arrives

I was waiting for Dan to arrive which he did in the early afternoon. He was ready to go camping and was all supplied so off we went headed south on 95 to the Horse Tank road in the Kofa.

Dan followed me in his truck and we stopped at the information both to see if there was anything new and there wasn’t.rigs


Kofa map

But here’s the map showing Horse tank where we are going to camp and do some hiking.tanks


The road was a bit tough on Dan’s truck but he made it in.  This it the Horse tank road in.troad


With Dan following me in taking it slow.dan



We parked and set up camp and got out our chairs and did happy hour to start things off right.

It was a nice peaceful night camping.

Next day the 14th

The next day we got it going late and set off for walk up to the Horse Tanks.


We went through here instead of taking the trail. We figured we could find it by cutting across here and we’d run into it but we didn’t.hike


Here’s Dan as we cut across the ridge looking for the trail.walk


As we got higher we got some views and you can see our camp down there if you look real hard.view


We did finally find the trail but we were way off and already spent most of our energy climbing the ridge looking for the trail so we only went as far as horse tank which is a water hole that I didn’t get any pics of.

Early happy hour

Since this was a break in walk for a couple older geezers we stopped at the water hole and headed  back down the trail back to camp where we started an early Happy hour.

We sat and enjoyed the day continuing our happy hour up to dinner time.

Our camp spot at Horse Tank showing Dan


We’d picked up some dried bushes earlier and had a nice camp fire after dark.

Nice day in the Kofa.

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