Barry and I Work On Cutting Trees Off the Roads Today

Friday March 8, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Sunny day

The sun was out bright and early.

Barry came by. He was taking  his chainsaw up on his old bike to cut some trees off the roads. Only trouble was he hadn’t ridden the old bike for quite some time and the battery was weak, so he had to jump the old battery to get it started.barry1

He took off for the hills and I soon took off myself to cut the big log jam off the road.

I ran into him cutting this tree off the road.barry2

Log jam

I continued on up to the big log jam to set to work on it.rig3

I had to cut and clean up these logs and brush first.logjam4


Barry came by to supervise for a bit.barry5

He got his phone out to take a video of me cutting this big fir log free.barry6

The top of the tree was hanging up in the air over the side of the hill so when I started to cut it, it split up like this which was ok as I was ready for it.logsplit7

Barry took off to cut some more trees off the road and I continued to  cut the rest of the big log off the road.logs8

I had to cut the big log up to get it in small enough pieces to move off the road.cutup9

It took awhile but I did get the road cleared off. The big one, up in the air, I left as it was too dangerous to cut, so I left it to drive under.open10

There’s enough cleared out to get a truck under the big log.done11


That was enough to tire me out and get some exercise. I headed to the nearest spring for a drink of water.spring12

I drank a couple cups of spring water.water13

I stopped at this overlook for a rest. Just a blue sky today, but I’ll take it.sky14

I heard Barry sawing a tree not far away so I rode on over. He had it all done so we rode on back to my house.

Nice day.

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  1. Judith says:

    That’s some serious road clearing going on. Glad you two know what you’re doing with those big logs.

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