Barry Messes Up and I Get the Fuel Shutoff Off the Dozer

Tuesday April 14, 2020 Guerneville CA.

An oh, oh

I’d just sat down to my computer to see what the crazy rest of the world was doing when my phone rang. It was my brother Barry asking  me to come out front and help him with something.

I went out front and found him sitting in his truck with his left leg propped up on the open drivers side window.

He asked if I’d take his chainsaw stuff out of the back of his truck.

The ouch story

Turns out he was falling a tree up in the hills and miscalculated and the tree butt hit him in his left knee on the side. He said his leg was all red by the knee but didn’t think any bones were broken but he didn’t think his knee was right so he’d called the VA advice nurse and was waiting for a call back of what to do to get it checked out. With this virus thing they are doing stuff different so he wasn’t sure where to go.

He drove on off and I went back in the house to finish getting it going for the day.

Dozer shutoff solenoid repair

Eventually I drove on up to where the bulldozer is parked and got my tools out.dozer


I removed the shutoff solenoid as I suspected it was bad not letting the dozer start up.

Here’s the little solenoid that I think is not working and causing the trouble. It’s just a little spring loaded plunger that lets fuel in when the key is turned on.solenoid


Testing the solenoid

I took the solenoid home and put the meter on it to test to see if it was good or bad.

It turned out to measure bad so now we have to find another one.test


As usual I puttered around the yard watering my weeds and doing some chair hopping.

Getting some local info

Just before 5 I called John S. to see what’s going on around town and the river to see if I might go kayaking. He’d been around and said they are giving people tickets if they are parked along the road so that doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen.

Mask score

He did say his wife Cheryl was making some face masks which are going to be required here soon so he said he’d put my name on one of them. It’s interesting that we are going to be required to wear face masks but the health workers have them all and there’s none to be had as far as I know.

Let the chickens out

Around 6 I let the chickens out to graze and they are always eager trying to get me to let them out sooner.birds


I hold the gate open and they roar out.birdsout


I can’t say I blame them for wanting to get out and graze for a bit before it’s time to go to bed.graze


While they were grazing away I got out some pole bean seeds and planted a few here just pushing the seeds into the ground.beans


Another nice sunny day.

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4 Responses to Barry Messes Up and I Get the Fuel Shutoff Off the Dozer

  1. DAVID EVANS..upriver... says:

    I can just see all your chicks wearing face masks>>>>>>
    I had a professional wack some big trees and doze some work on my driveway…
    I don’t have a problem with little guys who may fall this way or that if there’s nothing important to hit….
    Just did it yesterday, trees can kill ya for sure, never do it alone…Well maybe blackberry trees..bushes…(:+)………………….

  2. Mr. Ed says:

    Before you replace that solenoid Hook it up to a good 12 V battery sometimes the solenoids don’t get enough voltage and won’t trip in the open position
    When a cat won’t start that usually go to item
    Cat 3208s Are notorious for not getting enough voltage which doesn’t allow it to trip open it’s also a safety feature
    It’s also a safety feature for low voltage from the main batteries to the 60 series GM

    • Bob says:

      Hi Ed,
      Being an ex electronic guy I put my ohm meter to it after I got it out and the coil was open. That was after I tried to cycle it with another battery from my van with direct wires to it. No action at all. You’re right about the bad connection thing. It’s something I’m always aware of as this bulldozer sits out up in the hills all winter. Thanks for the input, now I just have to find one at my John Deere dealer I think.

  3. Patsy Irene says:

    Hope Barry’s leg is okay and heels in a decent amount of time. Sometimes a good idea turns out against us.
    Those chickens sure are anxious to get out! :)

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