Barry’s Bike Broke Down, We Fix It and a Forest Ride

Saturday February 3, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Forest ride

Barry showed up in my yard this morning and the rain had stopped for the day.

Broke down bike

Barry tried to start his bike but nothing happened. This also happened a few weeks ago when we were riding up in the hills, but that time, it eventually started again.

I told him to take the side cover off while I went to get my voltage meter so I could check out his battery.

When I put the meter on his battery the start light came on, so something was amiss there. I did some measuring of the battery and the voltage was good and the bike started. But then the voltage dropped and it wouldn’t start. I got a screw driver to check the battery connection and the plus side screw was loose. We tightened that up and all was good. It appears when they put the new bike together at the shop, a couple of months ago,  the guy didn’t tighten up the screw properly.

Fixed it

We were good to go and took off for the hills for a ride in the forest and we were glad to solve that intermittent problem as it had us stumped for awhile and were about to take his bike back to the shop as it was under warranty, but it would of been a pain to get it back to the shop.


The first place we stopped was at the water fall so Barry could check it out.fall1

Need gas

From there we rode around the hills going this way and that. While doing that  my gas light came on saying the bike was on reserve. Not knowing how long my gas would last, we headed back to my place to fill up the gas tank and then took off for the hills again and rode around some more.

Break time

Eventually it was break time so we headed up to the ridge top for a break.

On the way we ran into this brush across the road so I watched as Barry removed it so we could pass. Since he rides first, he gets to remove most of the smaller stuff that blocks our way while I watch and take pictures.brush2

Break spot

It wasn’t far to the top from there.

The sky was real cloudy as the next series of rain storms approach for rain tomorrow.sky3

After a good break we moved on and rode around some more and stopped at this spot where we heard another motor bike approaching. It turned out to be my other brother Tom. We shot the bull there for a bit before taking off again. The day had cooled down quite a bit so we headed for home.meetup4

Game cam

While riding around, I stopped to pick up one of the game cam cards.

Not much on it.

A picture of me coming up the hill on my quad runner in the rain the other day.quad5

And another one of me going for a ride the other

Nice day.

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