Rain Showers, a Forest Ride and a Walk In the Forest

Friday February 2, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Rain showers

The day started out with showers so I spent some time in the house until they let up.

Then I fed the chickens. I noticed these California Dutchman’s Pipe flowers had one of the largest blooms this year that I’ve seen.pipes1

I wasn’t sure what to do today as I wasn’t sure what the rain showers were going to do.

But eventually, I decided to go for a ride up in the hills so I headed for the waterfall to check it out and parked here.bike2

The waterfall is in a lush area and was making lots of noise.fall3

I rode around a bit and eventually ended up at this spring for a drink of water. See that piece of black plastic pipe there? I want to salvage it to use somewhere else. It goes down the hill from there and I needed to check out the part that went down the hill to see where it went.spring4

I followed the black pipe down the hill through here.pipe5

The pipe went down through here. I stopped following it at this spot for now, but I’ll have to check it out more soon.ferns6

I got back on the dirt bike and stopped at this overlook for a break.sky7

There were some pretty black clouds that I thought might shower on me, but they didn’t.clouds8

From there, I rode up to the Guerneville overlook and stopped there for a bit.

This is the view of the little town of Guerneville which was getting some sun.guerneville9

I left that spot and rode around some more and headed for home for a nap.

I spent the rest of the day chair hopping with the chickens.chickens

Nice day.

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  1. Prichie says:

    I love the waterfall. A good place to sit with a book.

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