Beans, a Dozer, A Tractor and Another Video of the Biologists and the Cows

Friday May 27, 2016 Guerneville CA.

Some shopping first

I needed to go do some shopping today, so I did that first thing. I stopped at my friend Joe’s on the way home and chatted with him for a bit. He was doing some fence work in his garden.

I went on home from there and had a nap as I was having trouble getting it going today.

Jumped on the quad runner

Later I got on the quad runner and went over to see what my brother Tom was doing in his garden. I found him and my other brother Barry picking fava beans in the garden.beans


I chatted with them a bit then drove on up to our water tanks and turned the other springs into our tanks, so now we have about twelve gallons of water a minute.

I continued on up the road which looked like this.road


Checked the oil

I was headed to where our bulldozer is parked as I wanted to check the transmission oil level.dozer


The oil level was good which is interesting as we had a slow leak, but it seems to have stopped. I plan to start the dozer this weekend and run it to charge the battery up, so that looks good to go.

More naps.

Moved some rock

Later I noticed my brother’s tractor parked in the yard so it seemed like a good time to move some of the rock they got when they drilled our well a year ago.

I scooped up the rock here by the well.wellrock


And put it here in a low spot in the driveway.roadrock


A little shovel and rake work and it looked like this.rockfill


After that, I moped around a bit thinking I should go down for an evening kayak, but just couldn’t get that together.

Another video of the biologists and the cows

So instead I worked on another video of the biologists and the cows from the other day.

Here’s the video on YouTube.

Biologists and the Cows

You might want to subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

That’s it for me today.

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    Thoroughly enjoyable.

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