Thursday May 26, 2016 Jenner CA.

School kids on the ramp

There were school kids on the boat ramp as I tried to put my boat in the water at Jenner this morning. But a school teacher moved the kids over to one side so I could back my car down safely and all was good.

Here’s the school kids getting a listen from one of the


Fishing heron

I paddled across to Penny Island where I saw this great blue heron catch this little fish.heronfish


I decided to work my way down the side of Penny Island towards the river’s mouth along here.river


I passed this pair of mallard ducks that were feeding along the shoreline.mallards


I stopped here in this spot for a bit before continuing on.islandend


Open river’s mouth area

I crossed over the river headed to the open river’s mouth, down that way, but the big rock called Haystack rock.mouth


These surf scooters were sneaking around me as I paddled along.scooters


Of course there were a bunch of harbor seals.seals


Back up the river

I hung around the mouth for a bit, but not much going on, so I headed back up the river past the upper end of Penny Island.island


Looking for berries to eat

I decided to ashore here at Swamp Rock Trailhead to check for berries to eat.swamprock


Swamp rock trailhead

I landed here at swamp rock trailhead.boat


I hunted around for berries to eat going on this trail trough the swamp, which his dry now.trail


Thimble berries

I found some thimble berries to eat, but not many yet. They are sorta like a raspberry.thimbleberry


I found some of these little black berries, my favorite.blackberry


Headed for the boat ramp

After my little walk looking for berries I got back in my boat and paddled over to the boat ramp and took my boat out of the water and went on home for the day.

Cut up a tree for fire protection

I gassed up my brother’s small chainsaw and cut this maple tree down as it was getting too close to my house, so it needed to be cut down for fire protection.

Of course that made a big mess that might take some time to clean up.mapletree


As long as I had the saw going, I trimmed and cut up some other stuff in the yard until the saw ran  out of gas and that was about it for me for the day.

Nice day.

Biologists video

I’ve also been working on a video of the Sonoma County Water Agency biologists pulling their net as I watched.

Biologists work their net

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