Bearpaw Mountain Camp, Nevada

Tuesday June 10, 2014 Base Bearpaw Mountain NV.

Relocated my camp

This morning I woke at Bearpaw camp, which is on a mountain side overlooking the Diamond A Desert.bearpawcamp


I was planning to go for a walk in the morning,  but I never got started with it, instead I puttered around the camp site, mostly just enjoying this spot.

This squirrel came right up to my door first thing to see what I was about. He didn’t stay long. Lots of these guys around the desert right now.squirral


Around 3 PM, I finally went off on a little walk. I planned to walk around in this area, just below where I am camped.desert


There were a number of these robins singing and flying around the area doing what robins do at this time of year.robin


I walked out a ways and past this nest I saw up in the tree. It didn’t seem to have anything in it that I could see, so I continued on with my walk.nest


After walking out about a mile or so, I turned back and went by the nest again. But this time I could see something whitish sticking up on one side, but I couldn’t tell what it was with my eyes, so I took a picture just the same.

Turned out there was a little guy in there after all.hawknest


This must be it’s momma, as this bird was flying around and staying close by.redtailed


A lot of the quaking aspen was dying, but new growth was coming up. I walked through some of it when I found a game trail. It led into this spring area. Lots of the wild flowers haven’t bloomed yet in this area, maybe because it’s up on the mountain side.spring


I had  to work a bit to get out of that brush and when I did I spied a miners claim corner marker and this is what it said.  I think the name of the mine was Desire Gold. There’s some mining up above where my camp, but it doesn’t look like they got their desire.IMG_6399


Back to camp for a nap. That sun wears me out. It’s been a bit on the windy side in the afternoons, just like down at Jenner on the Russian River.

This Flicker landed near the van just after I got up from my nap.flicker


Thinking of moving camp

I’d been eyeing that little drainage area way down below and to the right. Right where the draw makes a left turn and goes out of sight.campnew


I was thinking I’d like to camp down there, so I decided to move camp down there around 6 PM.

New camp site

Here’s my new camp site for the night, with my old camp site in the background. Note there is a good moon tonight, even though it looks small in the picture.vancamp


I had a hard time finding a level spot at this new camp, but finally did. Tomorrow  I plan to walk down this draw a ways to see what is down that way. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to move down to this spot.

Just another day in the desert.

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