Willow Creek, NEV. Camp

Thursday June 5, 2014 Willow Creek NEV. camp

I decided to stay

It was cool this morning when I woke up, but I parked the van wrong and the sun was coming in the windshield and warming up the van early.

I was planning to leave today, but as I sat here enjoying my creek view I decided to stay until two, but that came and went and I’m still here enjoying this camp site.

This camp spot

This camp spot is a right turn onto a road that goes to the creek, just before the bridge, going east, where the creek crosses the road just a little ways below the Willow Creek Reservoir dam.

Here is my camp spot on Willow Creek today, I moved the van just a little to command a larger area and to be in a better position with the sun in the morning. In the winter I need the sun to shine in to warm up the van, but not in the summer time, as it’s the other way around, as it’s a bit on the warmer side.camp


Critter holes in the ground

One of the reasons I decided to stay is there are a lot of holes in the ground for things to live in around here. Mostly ground squirrels, but I did see some larger critters this morning frolicking around and moving so fast through the grass, I couldn’t make them out.

One of the ground squirrels stopped long enough for me to get this picture.squarrel


Some ducks swam by, a female on the right and some little ones on the left.ducks


And a great blue heron came walking up the creek hunting as it went.heron


Another squirrel, they were coming and going most of the day.squarrel2


In the late afternoon, a bunch of sheep came by as they were headed back to where ever they came from up in the hills. A lone guy was herding them along.sheep

The most curious squirrel of them all

This squirrel was the most curious. It peeped at me for the longest time and spent a lot of time watching me, from one of the closest holes to the van.  It got braver as time passed.squarrel3


Around seven PM, I went for a little walk up the river a mile or so.

My view up river from my van where I went of a walk this evening.vanview


Not too many  insects that bother me, except about an hour before dark, lots of bugs are out including some mosquitoes. Lots of moths out and some Mayflies that are out too at this time. The mosquitoes aren’t too bad as they aren’t real aggressive, but they are a nuisance. Lucky me, I have netting with magnets to go over my front door windows and side doors, so I only  have to deal with the ones that get by that. Most of the bugs disappear for the night, as it gets dark and cooler and are not out in the day time, until an hour before dark.

Heading out

That was it for the day. Tomorrow, I am planning to head on up the road a ways and check out some other camp areas and am eventually working my way to the Duck Valley Indian Reservation where I can gas up and post these blogs.

Nice lazy day here.

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