Beating the Heat by Paddling Around the River at Jenner

Tuesday July 28, 2015 Jenner CA.

I met Steve on the water today and we started paddling down to the river’s mouth area at Jenner. I stopped here by the lower end of Penny Island. The wind was down and the sun was out and it was real blue out.jenner


Resting terns

I went by these resting terns as I passed the lower end of the island headed for the mouth area.terns


River mouth area

It was going to high tide so ocean water was coming into the river through the mouth.

This is looking out the river’s mouth into the Pacific ocean. Lots of harbor seals on the sand on the right.mouth


I was watching these harbor seals resting on the sand. A big wave was coming in as you can see on the right.jetty


That wave hit with a blam and water got thrown into the air as the wave washed over the jetty.seals



There were some brown pelicans resting there too, just to the right of the seals.pelicans


We stayed around the mouth area for a bit, then headed back up the river through the islands back channel. We stopped for awhile in these trees before continuing on up the shoreline.stopspot


Hunting cormorants

I saw the fish tracker biologists coming down the river in their boat and at the same time I saw these cormorants hunting across the river so I went over to watch a bit.cormorants


Fish tracking biologists

The biologists were getting closer, so I left the cormorants and went over to say hi. Bill and Brie were on the boat tracking fish. I followed along and talked with them a bit, but they were heading down the river and we were going up so I left them after a bit and caught up with Steve.biologists


The fish tracker biologist is just finishing up his fish tracking and is just about ready to start writing his report on his two year fish study  so I likely won’t see them much anymore.

Young turkey vulture

Steve and I paddled over to the muskrat nest area, which is also the turkey vulture nest area. I saw this vulture up on the rock by the nest and checked it out. It looked like the young turkey vulture chick that was born here this summer. It’s not living at the nest now, but seems to stop in once in awhile.vulture


Steve and I sat around the muskrat nest area for quite a long time watching and resting like most of the other critters down here.

Eventually we started on back down the river paddling along at a slow pace stopping along the way.

Here I am following Steve down along the shoreline, headed back down the river.paddling


We continued on down the river and went on in for the day.

Good intentions, but

I went on home and had intentions of working on the van fan shroud, but I had a headache and just couldn’t get going on that, so I napped instead.

Nice day at the river.

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