The lower Sixes River again

Got going around nine this morning, decided to go down to the Sixes River mouth again to give it a more though going over. Tried paddling up river when I first put in. Got a quarter mile or so and decided it was more difficult then I wanted so headed down river toward the mouth, about a mile, or so. It was low tide, so there was a good flow and I thought I might be able to see some big fish coming up the mouth if it was low enough, but, no, high tide was already starting and big waves were already starting to wash into the mouth, causing wave surges to shoot up the river. Very nice down there, the sun was even out and the wind was just a breeze for a change. I found about a half dozen crab pot feeder contraptions on the beach, which I thought my friend Bev might have some need for, since she crabs a bit, so I rounded them up and put them in my yak hatch. I dallied around down there, until the high tide picked up a bit. That meant that when I put in and headed back up river, I didn’t have to paddle much as the water was moving back up the river. I got out early, around two thirty and decided to rearrange the stuff in my van. I needed to try the bed on the floor and my junk up on the shelves, just to see how it will work. I don’t think I’m going to like it that way, but I need to at least try it. I don’t really like all the junk up on the shelf as I think it is harder to get to stuff I need. And it’s harder to tie it all down to keep it on the shelf when the van moves.  But, I’m giving it a try for at least a night.

Tomorrow, I’m supposed to go yakking with the resort hosts, Ralf and Susan on the Pistle River.

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