Big Table Move, Culvert, And Trimming Trees Off the Roads

Friday May 10, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Trailer work

I was figuring out how to make my new trailer forklift use-able. That meant I needed to build some brackets on top of the trailer for loading stuff with a forklift. I was working on a design, but that is dependent on what I have in scrap metal to build it. I’ve used up  most of my good stuff for building stuff like this, so I was really scrounging around to find the stuff to do it.


Tom came by and said in ten minutes we can have this new big welding table use-able. That meant we had to clear out a spot for it throwing stuff out of the way, making a bigger mess of stuff, but we got it.table

I told Tom what I was doing for the trailer and I needed some more of the right metal to get it to work. He left on his rig and came back later with some metal to do the job.

Enough planning for now and I was out of the mood to start the construction part for now.


I got some tools together to go up and try to straighten the end of an old culvert I’m giving to a neighbor.culvert

This is the bent end which I will try to straighten up a bit with the wrenches, if I can.bent3

I worked on it and got some of it better but I couldn’t get it all straight. I’m thinking I may need to use the Sawzall on it to cut the end off.pipe4

Tree trimming

From there I rode on up to the road I was working on for a neighbor. I needed to trim some trees back a bit as they were too close to the road.saw5

I cut them down and made a big mess to cleanup.brush6

All cleaned up and tired out.road7

Resting up

I rode up to our break spot at the top of the mountain. Before taking a break, I trimmed some trees out of the view first and now really needed a break.

After a good break, I rode on down the hill and parked here.hondo8

I got the chainsaw out and cut this leaner tree out of the way and had another big mess of brush to remove.tree9

All cleaned up, brush removed.road10

Then I removed the brush out of this turn around spot and got rid of that.turnout11

Old spring

Then I drove on down the road and stopped to check out another spring. It needs a piece of pipe hooked up onto an old pipe that was there and not long enough, so I measured about how much pipe I would need.

From there I drove on home with intentions on working on the trailer parts, but instead, I went in for a nap and that was it for the day.

Nice day.

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