Bike Oil, Valve Advice, Van Work, Wild Black Berry Vines and Mulberries

Thursday July 20, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Dirt bike oil

Since Barry ran his dirt bike out of oil yesterday, I thought I better check my bikes oil. It was a bit low. I added some and overfilled it. I overfilled it once and it leaked out on my chain which is a good way to keep my chain oiled up, so I thought I’d try that again as otherwise the chain is always in need of being oiled up.oil1


Water valves

Nancy K. was in need of some automatic water valve advice. I’ve worked on them before but not for some time so I watched some YouTube to refresh my memory of how they worked, then gave her a call to help her get along on fixing hers to stop them from leaking.

I think she will get them fixed eventually, if she keeps at it. :O)

Van work

I needed a couple of clips to fasten some wires in the van. Instead of going to buy some I just made a couple of them. They are on a map of the Jarbidge area in Nevada.clips2


Electric fan hookup

That’s what I’m working on getting power to, to all those wires on the left from the right side which is that red wire going up.wires4


I installed one of the clips I made to a bolt here under the connector and fastened it to the clip with a tie wrap to keep the wire in place.wire3


Wild blackberry vines

They are growing like mad in the yard this year and getting ahead of me. I started by cutting these ones back a bit.vines5


These ones have overgrown this area.vines6


I was able to get a path cut through them before my back said it had had enough for now.path7


Mulberry tree

I set the water up to water the mulberry tree, but climbed up the ladder before I turned it on to check out the berries.water8


Most of the berries are still red instead of black. They are getting ripe slowly, but the birds are eating most of them. Soon, the wild blackberries will ripen and the birds will move to eating them and I’ll get more of these berries.mulberries9


Just before dark, I moved to these chairs and sat around enjoying the evening.chairs10


Nice day.

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  1. Gaelyn says:

    I’d be eating blackberries until my fingers and tongue were purple.

  2. Judith says:

    I can’t remember….but somehow I think you don’t really enjoy eating blackberries. Wish I were your neighbor. That is, if the birds leave some.

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