Biologists, Seals and Birds, and a Berry Eating Walk

Wednesday May 27, 2015 Jenner CA.

Ray was just pulling into the parking lot at Jenner this morning as I drove in. We put our boats in the water and headed across to Penny Island to decide which way to go today. While we were there a bunch of biologists motored on past us and pulled in here to take samples of what’s living along the shoreline for feed for fish. There was another group diving down in the deeper river water taking the same type of samples off the river bottom.biologists


River’s mouth area

We left them at it and headed on down to the river’s mouth area. The mouth was open behind the jetty.

These harbor seals were keeping an eye on us as we sat and watched things in the area.seals


Ray’s says there’s some geese up on the bank there. Sure enough, I hadn’t seen them as they sometimes blend in quite well with their surroundings.geese


I did see these surf scoter ducks sitting on the sand though. They seem to be getting use to us and didn’t fly off this time.scoters


After hanging out at the mouth for quite awhile, we headed for the Penny Island back channel. We noticed these two black things on a big sand mound and couldn’t quite tell if the spots where vultures, or just pieces of blackwood. They turned out to be turkey vultures. The one on the left seems to be taking a sand bath or something?vultures


Ray wants to walk

Ray was up for a walk, so we looked for a place to go ashore that we wouldn’t get all muddy as it was low tide and there was a lot of mud along the shoreline.

We checked Penny Island to see if we could land easily, but we couldn’t so we decided to go up just a bit further to swamp rock trailhead and land, which we did.

We landed our boats, tied them up and decided to walk up the poison oak alley trail that goes along the river’s edge.

Here’s Ray just below eagle’s landing as we walked along the trail.trail


Eagle’s landing is always scenic. We stopped here for a break, then turned around and started back down the trail.ray


Here’s Ray eating blackberries. Some places we found and ate quite a few of them. By the end of the walk, I’d had  my fill of berries.berries


We worked our way back down the trail through this meadow, which is just full of poison oak. That’s the town of Jenner in the background.jenner


We were both beat when we got back to our boats, so we took a break on the shore before getting back in and heading on in for the day.

We headed on home and I hit the couch for a nap. After that, I puttered in the yard, trying not to do any work today, just taking a break and enjoying the yard.

Another nice day.

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