Checking on the Turkey Vulture Nest at Buzzard Rock

Thursday May 28, 2015 Jenner CA.

Overcast and foggy

This is pretty much how it looked at Jenner this morning as I crossed over to Penny Island in my kayak. The great white egret was fishing along the bank. It was overcast with fog waffling in and out, but the wind was down, so it was nice.egret


Conditions were about the same as I headed on up the river.foggy


The fog was clearing out, at least for a bit as I sat  here at dead deer gulch, working my way up the river.jenner


The fog did clear for just a bit and the sun almost came out as I paddled along here, just below the highway one bridge.river


Old boards in the river

I paddled up the river as far as this spot, just below the highway one bridge. Did you notice the old lumber in the view here? I think this is left over from an old lumber mill that was here sometime before 1900. These are the not so good boards from the outside of the logs, which were discarded, sometimes burned. I think the mill threw them over the river bank to get them out of their way, as they continue back under the bank dirt that is here now.lumber


Headed to the turkey vulture nest

I turned back down river and decided to check on the turkey vulture nest to see how things are going and if indeed there is really a turkey vulture nest at this spot.

I pulled into this spot and eventually went to shore here. There’s a couple of surf scoters there on the rock that took off as I approached.jenner2


I found a nice gravelly spot here to land, no mud.kayak


From there it was up the hill to this rock which I call Buzzard rock.rock


This was my view from the rock looking down river towards the town of Jenner.rockview


Some white is at the nest for sure

The nest is down over the side of the rock, about fifty feet, so I could look down on it. I did see something white just in front of the nest just as I arrived and I saw something white moving back in the rocks several times while I watched, but was not able to get a picture.

This was looking over the side of the rock down towards the vulture nest, about in the center of the picture, under a rock down there. It’s nest is on the ground.nest


While I was watching the nest area, , this scrub jay popped up by the nest and preened for a bit.scrubjay


When I looked down river I could see some biologists had landed down near Paddy’s rock and were doing something. I thought they might be taking samples, but I was wrong.bios


They turned out to be biologists from the Bodega Marine Lab. They maintain some kind of sonar current measuring device that they have to dive down to, as it’s on the bottom of the river. This spot they are in below is about thirty feet deep. They are installing these devices today for the summer.

Here’s the biologists just getting ready for a dive to the bottom.biolog


Vultures stayed hidden

I watched the nest for about an hour, but the birds stayed pretty much hidden. Eventually, the biologists headed on up the river to plant some more devices. I watched them go by here.russianriver


I was pretty sure I was being watched

It was time to head on back to the river, so I hit the trail watching to see if an adult vulture would return to the nest when I left. Here is an adult vulture coming in just after I left the rock on the left. I was pretty sure it was watching me from way up in the sky.vulture


Surf Scoters came back

These two surf scoters were back on the rock as I got back in my boat and now they weren’t going to take off this time, so I did my best to get some decent pictures of these critters. I find things that are black like these ducks are real hard to get decent clear pictures for some reason. Lately, I’ve been seeing quite a few of these scoters around. This is the first time I’ve noticed any surf scoters since I’ve been coming down here for about eight years. They’ve been around for the last week or two.surfscoter


I worked my way down the the river. The wind came up a little, which just means I got a little more exercise paddling back to the ramp.

Yard work

I made it home for a nap then went over to my brothers place and put a piece of PCV pipe in the spot we had moved his water filter from on the old well.

After that, I moved some rock around the driveway patching some low spots to make things smoother.’

The rest of the evening, I just sat around in my chairs and enjoyed the day.

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