Birds, a Friendly Seal, the Mouth and a Walk Up the Hill

Thursday December 1, 2016 Jenner CA.

Sunny but cool today at Jenner

I saw Ray’s truck parked in the parking lot at Jenner as I pulled in this morning so I knew he was out there yakking somewhere.

I put my boat in the water and headed on down towards the river’s mouth as I expected to find Ray there.

Headed down river to the mouth. Nice day, but cool out.river


I passed by these grebe. They’ve been seeing me most every day and are starting to get used to me. They just did there thing as I paddled on by.grebe


I saw Ray’s boat down by the mouth and at about the same time I spied some turkey vultures on the beach, just getting some sun I think.vultures


Ray’s at the mouth

Ray was just in front of the open river’s mouth just sitting and taking it easy in his boat.seals


We shot the bull for awhile just watching things as there is usually a lot going on at the river’s mouth. The ocean was fairly rough and it was high tide.mouth


The ocean waves are constantly smashing against the shoreline so it’s sometimes a bit noisy.

Joined by a harbor seal

Eventually we started up the river. This seal joined us at the mouth and hung out with us all the way up to the top side of Penny Island, about a mile.seal


We passed by these birds bathing and preening in the water.pels


Haven’t seen these ducks before

As we approached the lower end of Penny Island I was checking out these two ducks as I haven’t seen them down here before and they didn’t just fly off like most wild ducks would.ducks


We paddled up the back channel of Penny Island with our friend the seal following us and passed by these little ducks feeding in the weeds. They took to the air as we approached and we left the seal there somewhere as it disappeared.duckies


Went to shore for a little walk

Ray was up for a little walk at Eagle’s Landing so we landed our boats there and started up the hill through these big trees.trees


We made it up to Lower Lookout Point where we sat down in the grass for a good bit and enjoyed the view.loolpit


And then went just a bit further up the hill to this spot and sat in the grass.rayview


You don’t want to slip on these trails

The day was real nice and we were in the sun so we hung there for quite some time before heading back down, back through these big trees and ferns. Ray is going down the hill and grabbing something to stop him as the trail is very slippery here from the recent rains. If one were to slip, they might end up in the river.raytrees


I also proceeded down the trail very carefully.

This place is loaded with muskrats

Near the river I spotted this big muskrat nest, about six feet high.nest


We checked out that nest and then got back in our boats and paddled down the river to the boat ramp and went on home for the day.

It was late in the day and cool at home, so I just got some firewood in and that was my day.

Oh yeah, I did dig up some potatoes from my potato patch just as it was getting dark for dinner.

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2 Responses to Birds, a Friendly Seal, the Mouth and a Walk Up the Hill

  1. bnoble2012 says:

    Hi Dennis, Nice looking geese. I was surprised they were as tame as they were. They never did fly off.

  2. Dennis Olson and Sharon Murphy says:

    Hi Bob, those two unknown ducks are Brant Geese. Smaller than the Canada’s and they have that distinctive white neck ring. My favorite goose. I saw one only there earlier in November. They like to hang in bigger winter flocks on the salt water at Tomales Bay, and Drakes Bay.

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