Dental Work, Setting Up the Well Driller and a False Blog Usage Report

Wednesday November 30, 2016 Guerneville CA.

Dentist day

Today was a dentist day, but my appointment wasn’t until two PM this afternoon, so I had some time to kill.

A not so good email

But before that I was checking my email and my internet provider had sent a message that I was going over my allotted page storage allotment and it was predicted that at the rate I was going, I would have to pay about eighty extra dollars a month, not acceptable. I can’t afford that and was thinking I might have to dump a lot of my old pictures and posts to keep going.

Fisch Brothers Drilling

I drove over to my well driller as I needed to talk about when they were going to drill the well. Ed, the well driller owner wasn’t in, but I talked with his office lady. I knew the well had to be drilled soon as my county well permit was only good for a year and we were fast approaching that date, but what was it?

It turned out the year was up in a week. I told the lady that I had some shopping to do and would return just before my dental appointment to talk with Ed about it.

Too many things in their coffee

I drove on to Sebastopol where I buy my coffee. I went in the store and looked at what they had to sell. They only had blends which were filled with fruits, so I declined that as too many things in an item only increase the chances of something with corn getting in there too and I don’t need to take any chances so I left and drove on to Costco.

Thinking about a steak with my new crowns

I bought some stuff at Costco including a steak I hoped to eat after I got my new crowns installed this afternoon, but that wasn’t’ to be.

Back at the well drillers

I headed back to the well driller and Ed was there. Ed and I shoot the bull a lot so that’s what we did. He said his driller truck was in the shop and they’d have to get an extension with the county so he set Silvia his office lady at that task while we shot the bull some more.

In the end I told him I have dental appointments about every two weeks this winter which I can’t miss and I’m planning on going up to Oregon just after the first of the year for a week or so. He said no problem we’ll work around that so I left and headed on over to the dentist where I expected to get three crowns installed, but.

Need to be patient for older people

I had to wait about a half hour as my dentist was working on a ninety year old lady with a walker and things were going a bit slow with her. Being an older person myself, I could appreciate the problem so I waited patiently.

Not a good surprise

But eventually it was my turn and I was in for a surprise. It seems two of the three crown molds she had made last time had little bubbles on them and they would have to be done over so I only would get one crown installed and we’d have to remove the temporary crowns on the other two and make a new set of molds, which meant I’d have to be shot up again and all the stuff for the mold preps would have to be done over again.

Can’t enjoy the steak now

We got that done, but now I wasn’t in any position to enjoy the steak I had bought. In fact my jaw was hurting a bit more than the first time she did it. I popped some pills for that.

But I had a  good out for this. I had bought some prawns, so I cooked up the bag of them and they did the trick.

The bandwidth problem gets fixed

On a lighter side, an email was in my inbox from my internet provider saying there was a glitch in the bandwidth monitoring software that had incorrectly sent out notices to people and please disregard the previous email. Good that got fixed as I really would rather not dump any of my posts and pictures, although some day I will reach a limit and will have to do something. I’m hopping by that time they will increase the amount of disk space available. One of the problems with posting all the nice pictures is they take up a lot of disk space, but pictures are what makes the blog, so I’m stuck. Hopefully some other solution might turn up before I reach my quota for real.

I don’t want any ads on my blog

Since I don’t use any advertising on my blog all the costs have to come out of my monthly income which is limited and I really don’t want to have any commercial stuff on my page.

So that was my day which mostly worked out ok.

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