Blocked Roads, Getting Materials, a Party and I’m All Worn Out

Saturday May 12, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Shopping before or after

I had a birthday party to go to today over in Santa Rosa. I also needed to do some shopping.

I wasn’t decided on shopping before or after the birthday party and finally decided on after.

Road detour

So I left the house and found the road blocked when I got to Guerneville. Seems there was a local parade on. I needed to go east, but they made me go west so I went west and tried to find a way to get back on an eastern track. With the river there that wasn’t easy so I gave up and headed back towards home where I got on a one lane road that took me over the hill and I was going east now.

OK I’ll shop first

After that little delay, I decided to go do the shopping first. There was also a big bicycle event going on in the Santa Rosa area which I had to  miss so considerations on which roads to take were in order. I made it to the hardware store and got my paint and some more fence wire and pig clips.

Getting stuff to eat

Costco was on the way over to the party and I did need to get some stuff to eat as I was real low on corn less stuff so I stopped and shopped a bit.

Birthday girl

I made it over to Marty and Patti’s and wished Patti a happy birthday. I visited for a couple hours with old friends  then they started eating so I said my goodbyes and headed for home.

Rena’s home was flattened

On the way I went by Rena’s house or where his house used to be as everything he had got burned up in the big fire we had here recently.

He had some chain link fence he wanted to get rid of that I wanted to check out. It turned out to be only 4 feet high so I couldn’t  figure out a use for it. We shot the bull for a bit then I continued on home.

Sure need a nap

I was real sleepy as I pulled into the driveway and could barely get the groceries in the house before a nap was in order.

After the nap I went out and removed all the materials I bought from the car and put them in the work area. The evening was cooling down so I went in the house and took it easy for the rest of the day.

That was my day for a nice one, not too much work. :O)

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