Shed Painting and a Mother’s Day Chore

Sunday May 13, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Painting the shed

I needed to get the shed painted before I put all the rest of the wire panels around it as it would be hard to paint after that.shed


I painted the floor first for the second coat. I want to put three coats on the floor.

Then I painted around the back side.shed3


I got this much done and stopped as I didn’t want to open the last can of paint as I need to wait for the floor to dry to put the third coat of paint on, so I’ll wait to open that can of paint.shed2


Mother’s day project

Family members started showing up around three. We had a project to put  my mom to rest as she’d died about 7 years ago and we needed to deal with her ashes to take care of her last wishes. I think the green shed looks a lot better than before.guys


We drove over to our sacred spot on the property where there are still some big redwood trees and dug a hole for her ashes.dig


My Dad and one of my brothers  Dick, are buried here and my Mom wanted to be with them.

We are just finishing up.trees


We had some nice roses for


We drank some wine

After that we went back to the house and drank some wine. My brother Barry makes some of the best wine around so we celebrated. They grilled some sausages. I left when the sausages were done as I also had had enough wine. They stayed and finished more wine, not sure how many bottles, but there were all pretty looped.

That was my day.

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One Response to Shed Painting and a Mother’s Day Chore

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    What a great day to celebrate the burial of your Mom’s ashes.
    Your shed looks much better painted green, fits into nature now.
    As long as the wine was good and you were all together, nothing else matters. :)

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