Blog Transfer and I Take Some Dead Trees Off a Neighbor’s Road

Friday January 12, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Blog transfer report

I spent the last two nights uploading all my old pictures for all my old posts. Around 18 gigs worth of them.  I had to do it twice for some reason, as the first time it only copied half of them to each folder. I had to copy each mouth of pics for each year as that was all that I could make work without errors. In the end, I got them all back so now the pictures are loading in all the old posts. I still have some missing in my most recent posts, but I consider that minor and I  might or might not get those fixed. The other main problem is I’m having trouble getting my randomized header pictures to work right. Sometimes it works and sometimes it just puts a little icon in there that can be right clicked and click open or sometimes a page refresh gets the header to show.

I’ll keep working on that.

Been a pain

This transfer has been a real pain, mostly because my blog site crashed and messed stuff up, which  made the transfer much more difficult. Fortunately, I’d made a backup copy of my blog just after it crashed or I would of lost all the pictures for all my old posts.

I think I’m ready to go public with the transfer now and I think it should mostly work.

I’ll be working with my blog transfer guy to get that done.


It was cool out today, so I put on another warm shirt.

I told my neighbor I’d push some downed dead trees off this road for her, so I took Skiddy up into the hills and worked on that all day.road3


I did stop at this spring for a good drink of fresh spring water.spring

My cousin put an old cup here so one can get a good drink of water, which works better than just using one’s hands for a cup.spring2

I worked most of the day and got back to this gate just before dark. I had to stop  here to lock this one up.gate4

The chickens were already in their roost when I got back so I shut them up for the night.

Nice day.

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