Dozer Fueling, Big Tree, Saw No Start

Thursday January 11, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Dozer fueling

I wanted to fill the dozers tank all the way to the top, so I took two more containers full of fuel over to the dozer and pumped enough to fill it to the top.dozer1

The new pump system worked great and I had the job of refueling done in a few minutes with no hassle.fuel2

Big tree

I knew where there was a big tree down on  one of the roads. I gassed and oiled the chainsaw and took off headed for the downed big tree on the quad runner.

I ran into this tree and tried to start the chainsaw, but it wouldn’t start. I was able to break off enough branches to get by.tree3

Break spot

I stopped at the top for a break and a view.view4

Big tree

After a good break I headed down the ridge to this big tree that was across the road. I needed to cut it into pieces that I could push off the road with Skiddy. I tried again to start the chainsaw, but it wouldn’t start so I couldn’t get this done today.log5

I went up to visit with my cousin for a bit, then went down this road, another downed tree and a dead chainsaw. I was able to just turn this one sideways as it was real rotten and light and I got by it.tree6

The chainsaw start problem might be the start/stop switch as it’s been working shaky like lately so I’ll have to check it out soon.


Back home, I shut the chickens in for the night. They were all on their roost.roost7

Blog transfer report

My transferred blog has lots of corrupt photo files in it and I eventually realized that the only half decent backup copy is the one I made shortly after my site crashed a couple of months ago and it’s on my computer.

I also realized that the old site that you are seeing has the same corrupt photo files in it so I needed to upload all my backup photo files to the new site which I’m working on. For some reason I can only upload one month of files at a time, successfully, so it’s taking some time.

So, whatever is in the backup is what I’m going to get, good or bad, and only time will tell once I get this setup.

I think I’m gaining on it.

Nice day.

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