Brake Parts, Steel Rebar and Wafer Wood Shopping For Projects

Tuesday September 18, 2018 Guerneville CA.


I needed to go shopping today for some materials to build some more stuff so I took off for the shopping center around noon.

I only went to three stores but it took most of the afternoon.

Finding brake parts

I went to Walmart then to an auto parts store to get the brake parts I need to work on my Toyota’s brakes. I was able to find something that should work to fix the problem I’m having matching up the new master cylinder to the old brake line. I was able to find a small brake line with the proper fitting that matches the new brake cylinder that I can splice into the old brake line with a coupler.

Loading at the hardware store

I spent the most time loading up materials at the hardware store as I needed some steel rebar and four sheets of wafer wood. All hard stuff to load up and tie down.

Ready to unload

Here’s the van where I parked when I got home ready to unload.van


After a good break I untied it all and unloaded the steel rebar but didn’t’ get the wafer wood off yet, that can wait until tomorrow.

Can work on projects now

Now that I have these materials I can work on some more projects that I need to get done, like more chicken grower panels and some nesting boxes for the chickens.

Shopping wears me out so that was it for the day.

Nice day.

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