Broken Trailer Hitch Weld Job and Forest Work

Friday December 8, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Note: I’m working on moving my site to a better spot and it might be down for a bit before it gets fixed.

Blog data upload

I started to upload my blogs data to it’s new site last night and it was still uploading when  I went to bed.

This morning, when I checked the process, the upload was completed successfully.

Now I  have to get the guys to fix the site up and get it working and the transfer will be complete if they can get it to work properly.

Once it’s working right, I will transfer over to the new blog host. I hope that all works out.

Ball hitch

Tom broke his trailer hitch the other day while pulling a neighbor’s tractor out of a hole with his tractor.  I welded it up for him the first thing this morning. It was hot when I was done welding it so I left it to cool and will come back to it and do a bit of grinding to finish it off. I forgot about it and didn’t get back to it today.ballweld


Forest work

I gassed up the chainsaw and loaded it on my quad runner and headed up into the hills to cut some trees off the road.

On the way to the trees I knew about, I ran into this little one and cut it up and got it out of the way.tree


These are the trees I was heading for. I cut them into smaller pieces and cleared the road.trees


From there I headed on up to our break area at the top of the hill for a break. Mostly blue sky today, looking south.sky5


After a break I headed down the road a short distance to walk through the forest to see about connecting an old trail up.redwoods


I stopped in this spot for a break by this big old redwood log.biglog


I wasn’t able to hook that trail up as it was too steep where I came out on the old trail. I’ll have to look some more to see if I can get it hooked up without being too steep.

I headed down the hill on this road.roaddown


And stopped here to move these limbs off the road. The redwood leaves look good on the ground in this spot.limbs


I made my way over to this overlook spot for a break.quad


I sat in this chair for a good while just enjoying the day.view


The blue sky was the view from that spot. The sun just went behind the hill on the right.bluesky


Eventually I headed on down this trail and stopped  here to cut a log off the trail.workspot


It was starting to get a bit dark as I stopped here to cut this stump down on another trail.stump


Once that stump was cut, I moved the log off the trail and headed for home before it got too dark.stumpcut


Nice day.

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  1. Judith says:

    Glad you got the blog work done. Seems fine today……

  2. KennyD says:

    Well, so far, everything on the blog is working well. Hope you get it all worked out, enjoy what you write about. Waiting for a skid steer picture, though.

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