Working On Transferring My Blog and My New Camera Setup

Thursday December 7, 2023 Guerneville CA.

New camera setup

I setup my newest camera today, after the rain stopped. This is a Reolink E1 outdoor camera, about a hundred bucks. It runs on 110volts and is either wireless or can be wired with a network cable. Wireless is the easiest if you have a wireless router to make it work.

It’s hooked to my  computer but can also be hooked to a phone with their app.camera1


The app

This is their app on my computer. This is the live view. I have three of these cameras now, the three things on the left.liveview2


Playback view

The camera has motion detection and will record when motion is detected which can be viewed on the computer or the phone using their app. All the recorded stuff is stored on a micro card on the camera that you buy extra and install.playback3


Moving my blog site to a new host

I spent a good deal of the day trying to set up a new host for my website as the old guys can’t support it when things go wrong, but the new site guys can. My site is 18 gigs so it takes a long time to upload it. I’ve tried several times so far but always ran into some error.

I contacted their support and I think I can get it done now, after I read a much of stuff on how to do it.website4


Once I get all the files up to the new site, I’ll need to get them to fix it up which they are supposed to be able to do. All my pictures do not show up on old posts, but I think I have a copy of them so I hope they can put it all back together. My site got broken when it tried to do an automatic update of the Word Press software that runs my site. The update failed and thins went south from there.

At least with all the rain we had today, it was a good time to work on this as it needs to get done.

Time to get back to learning how to do this.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Good luck with the new blog site.

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