Camped on the Side of Bearpaw Mountain

Friday, July 26, 2013 BearPaw Mountain, Jarbidge area, NV.


But first I checked out Black Rock Crossing which is the name of the place where the bridge crosses the Bruneau river near Rowland, NV.

I checked the west end for the road up there this morning where I thought it should be but couldn’t find it. So, I gave up for now and am heading back to the main road to Jarbidge from here and I’ll come in on the east side and see if I can find the upper road?

I’m up high on a hill right now camped. There has been some light rain showers which is nice to hear on the van roof. I’m also starting to get some thunder and an occasional lightning strike, which is pretty spooky, being high up here over looking the desert. The lightning seems to be picking up a bit, bright stuff.

So, anyway, I was heading for the Diamond A desert this morning around nine AM. I was surprised to see new metal signs at the Jones ranch pointing out the roads. I took the one that said seven miles to Black Rock Crossing, where I was a bit earlier today, but at the bottom.

I just took a little break to watch the lightning storm. Most of the close stuff has passed, but there is a  lot to the north I can see, but the sounds aren’t making it here. Occasionally, one hits a bit closer for some good rolling thunder sounds. Without the sound of thunder, it got boring, so I’m back in my van typing away, watching the flashes out of my side window.

Ok, so this morning, I took the main road to the Diamond A desert and this is what it looked like, at least part of it. It’s a good road, just  has some ups and downs. It’s also one of the main roads into Jarbidge.roadin


When I got to my turn off point, I was surprised to see new metal signs pointing out the roads, which I think I mentioned. I took the one to Black Rock Crossing, seven miles and this is what part of that road looked like.desertroad


Up ahead, right in the middle of the road was all these cows, at a watering hole also called a tank.



See, there’s the tank and it has water in it as well as some of animals too.cowater


When I approached they moved off a bit. See, water in the tank and I’m going to go camp at the place this water comes from later today.water


I continued on my way to the Black Rock Crossing which was just about at the end of the road, remember, I was at the bottom of it earlier this morning.

Well, I followed it until I was almost to the bottom and turned around when it looked more like a little four wheeler road. It did look passible though, but I remember that this morning I could not find where it came out at the bottom, so I wasn’t sure of it.

After thinking about this road, I realized the road at the bottom didn’t get found this morning because there was an old trailer there parked on it, so I thought that was all it was. Now I realize that must have been where the road was. I think it’s a doable road.

Here’s a shot of where it started to look like a little four wheeler trail.turnaroundpoint


This is where I stopped, now I have to turn around somehow without getting my tires punctured by rocks. I was successful. :O)turnvan


I drove back to where the cattle where at the water tank and took the road along the pipe that fed it from a spring, about seven miles away up a hill. I passed though several of these gates. Where I’m headed is up in the hills in the background, two thirds of the way up, in the quaking aspens.hills


The road wasn’t well traveled, but a lot better than the one I took to get out here. Still headed for those hills.vanview


There where quite a few burrow holes along this stretch of the road. Here’s one, some were bigger. There were some big ones in the road I had to watch out I didn’t lose a tire in too.hole


I made it up to the place where the water pipe starts at the spring, which is where I’m standing to take this picture. This is my Bearpaw Mountain camp for the night.springcamp


I couldn’t find any place to drive into the aspens, but I did take a little walk in there and this is what it looked like.



Another view of my camp site, near the top of Bearpaw Mountain.vancamp


Let’s see, I made two more batches of tortilla dough and put them aside to ferment a bit. I walked around the camp area a bit and took it easy today.

Here is the sun just as it went down from my hilltop view.sunset

Tomorrow, I’m not sure what I’ll do. Most likely head back over to the Jones Ranch Area?

Had an adventurous day.

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