Second Day at Bearpaw Mountain

Saturday July 27, 2013, Bearpaw Mountain, Jarbidge, NV.

Just couldn’t leave this camp

Today I planned to putter around camp in the morning and then move over to the Jones Ranch or to the Jarbidge river canyon. But as the morning wore on, I thought, this is a real nice camp, should I move or stay?

I woke up to this view, cool day with a breeze. It rained lightly just before sunup.dayview


I was sitting around thinking it would be a nice easy little hike up to the hill top and back later today, maybe this evening. It I went up the right of the pic and came back on the left side and that is what I eventually did.bearpawcamp


As I was sitting on the point in my chair, an elk popped out into view just to my left. And then some more elk came out too. They’d heard me and were moving away. About ten of them came out and moved on to more cover in the aspen groves.

This is a momma elk and two young ones.elk


Some more elk as they moved off to more cover. There’s elk poop all over this area, so there may be even more in the area.elk1


The picture below shows the road I came in on and the meadow valley that the elk must like to feed in, as that is where they seemed to be coming from. It’s fairly lush growth down there, I also saw a lot of borrows in the ground in that area coming up.valley2


This is a spring I’m camped at, so since I have an interest in springs, I checked this one out and found it to be partially plugged up with roots.

This is the spring box. See the big root going down the pipe in the middle?spring


This is what that little root looked like when I got it out of the pipe.roots


I laid it out on the ground and checked it’s length, over thirty feet long.root30ft


The spring seems to be running a bit better now.

After all that work and getting a bit muddy too, I was hungry, so I fried up a few tortillas  and ate them.



I hadn’t intended to, but I ended up puttering with that spring most of the day. I took it easy later in the day until it was evening and started out on my little hike up to the mountain top.

I walked up the fence line and hung a right through the aspens and hit the ridge back to the top, which is always farther then it looks.walk2


I’m almost to the top in this picture. It’s mostly easy walking, although, up. Lots of little rocks on the top, lot’s of quartz. top


This is the view when I approached the very top. The jagged mountains in the back ground are in the Jarbidge wilderness, above the town of Jarbidge.top2


Another view from the top.topview2


And one more view from the top, just before I started back down the hill at sunset.topview3

I took my time walking back down the hill as the sun was setting and it was real peaceful.

When I got back, I had a little rest then had some dinner, sorted some pics and was going to write the blog, but crashed instead.

Had a real nice day up here on the Mountain.

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