Checking for Seal Pups and Hiking Up a Slide and Found a Spring

Monday April 10, 2017 Jenner CA.

Off to look for some seal pups

It looked like it was going to be a nice day at Jenner as I put my boat in the water.

I paddled across to Penny Island and headed down along it’s edge going by here.island


I paddled on down to the river’s mouth area to see what was going on down that way, going by these terns resting on the beach.terns


I was interested in seeing if the harbor seal pups where showing up as I hadn’t seen any yet.

I went past this bunch that I think are seals with pups and seals ready to be having pups. I could see two pups in this group, so pupping has started.pup


I saw one other pup with it’s mom in the water, but not too many pups have been born yet.

Settle into this spot at the open mouth

I paddled into the river’s open mouth and settled into this spot, looking out in the Pacific ocean. See that duck on the rock?ocean


She didn’t seem to mind sitting with me and didn’t fly off, a female


I hung around for a bit watching things and then headed back up the river going by these birds, mostly cormorants and seagulls.birds


One of the river seals

I worked my way back up the river along Penny Island and went by this harbor seal just above the top end of the island. It’s taking a nap on a submerged redwood log. This is one of my buddies, I think it’s Pops, one of the seals that hang out in the river more than the ones down by the mouth.seal


Terns diving for small fish

I heard a splash and looked to see this tern diving for small fish. It missed the first time but on the second try it had one and swallowed it before I could get a photo.tern


Going for a little hike at this spot

I worked my way slowly up to this spot I call Eagle’s Landing and went ashore for a little hike.boat


Checking out the mud slide

My plan was to hike down to this mud slide that happened during the winter and hike up to the top of it to see what the slide exposed when it slid.slide


Watching my footing

I made my way up it, it was pretty steep and slightly muddy too so I had to watch my footing. I got to a spot near the top which looked like I couldn’t go any further as it was too steep so I sat down and took a break and studied it a bit and saw a nice way up that spot and made it to the top. I didn’t find any gold but I did find some gold in a way.

Springs are good as gold

I found a spring at the top and that is likely why the dirt slide down the hill. Being a person that likes to develop springs I dug this one out a bit and made a small puddle for birds and animals to get a drink and maybe me at another time.spring


I’ll have to check this spring out again later in the summer to see if it’s still running or not.

When I started to head back down I didn’t really want to go down that steep sucker, looking down the slide.slide2


I couldn’t get through the brush

So I tried another way. I went about a hundred feet ok, but then things just got too overgrown, so I had to turn around and go back to the slide and worked my way down the edge of it.

Lots of poison oak in the area

This is the trail I had to turn back on after trying to get through the brush. I did go through here and yes a lot of that green is poison oak, lucky I don’t catch it.trail


I made it back to the boat, put it in the water and got in it for a break and eventually I started back down the river along here.jenner


I made it back to the boat ramp just after five and loaded the boat on the car and went on home.

At home I puttered around in the yard until it started cooling down.

That was it for another fine day.

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