More Harbor Seal Pups, Terns and We Tried to Get to Swamp Rock

Thursday April 16, 2015 Jenner CA.

Headed for the River’s mouth

I could see Ray in his boat over by Penny Island as I put my boat in the water at Jenner this morning. I joined him and we decided to head on down to the river’s mouth to see what was going on.

Here we are paddling along the side of Penny Island headed for the mouth near the center of the picture.russianriver


Resting terns

We passed these terns resting on the beach. There’s a lot more of these terns here today than there were yesterday. These are just a few of them.terns


Harbor seal pups

We also went by several groups of these harbor seals with pups along the way.seals


We stopped at this spot to view the mouth area. Big waves were crashing into the shore and were making a lot of noise.mouth


The mouth is trying to close

As we looked down the mouth into the ocean we could see the mouth was trying to close with all the waves crashing into the shore piling up the sand. We could hear the waves crashing onto the beach all day and I think the mouth closed, but I’m not sure how much sand got piled up, so it may open again?rivermouth


There were some momma seals with their pups spread out along the sandy beach away from the main group of seals.

Here’s a pup with it’s mom.pup3


The pup and it’s momma were resting in the water along the shore.sealpup


Of course with new pups being born, the turkey vultures are waiting around for any opportunities.vultures


We could see this bus that pulled in at the overlook on the road above us. Seems they were checking out the new seal pups and maybe us too.bus


More terns

Ray and I headed on up the river towards the back channel of Penny Island were we went past more terns on the end of the island. Like I said, lots more terns here today.tern


We wanted to go for a little walk someplace so we pulled into Swamp Rock Trailhead and tried to walk to Swamp rock up in the left upper corner of this picture, but the swamp still had water in it, so we turned and tried another trail that went up the hill around the swamp.swamp


We followed an old animal trail up the hill which was pretty brushy.

The small town of Jenner

Here’s a view of the town of Jenner looking across Penny Island.



We worked our way up the hill through the brush and poison oak to this point were we had a good break before starting back down the hill. This picture pretty much shows the whole town of Jenner from our viewing angle.jenner2


Tired out

Walking around on these animal trails really tires us out as the trails aren’t that well defined. When we got back to our boats we were both pooped and headed on in for the day and on home.

I had things in the yard I wanted to do today, but I was too pooped and tried a nap instead. After resting up, I still couldn’t get it going, so I made a strong cup of coffee which I drank and was still thinking the coffee wasn’t going to work this time, but after awhile I got it going and went out in the yard and did some puttering and just enjoying the rest of the day.

Nice day.

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