Checking On the Steelhead Action Below Monte Rio

Saturday December 3, 2016 Monte Rio CA.

A paddle down below Monte Rio

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do today. But eventually I decided I’d head down to Monte Rio for a paddle and see if there was any steelhead action yet.

Steelhead fishermen up ahead

I put my boat in the water at the boat ramp and headed down the river to where those guys in the boats were fishing for


I stopped to chatter with them before continuing on down the river. They were enjoying themselves, but no fish action yet. It’s early in the season.

I slowly drifted down the river.river


There weren’t a lot of birds on the water today but I did go by these guys taking it easy.birds


Headed to Villa Grande

I was headed down to the Villa Grande hole, just up ahead. It’s only about a mile down the river from the Monte Rio boat ramp.villa


This is Villa Grande where I planned to hang around for a bit today. It was nice an peaceful with no one else around, so I just sat in my boat over in that corner for most of the time.vill


The great blue heron stopped by for a bit before taking off again.heron


And this kingfisher stopped by for a short stay, chittered and took off.king


Nice peaceful spot to sit

This was my view from that corner looking up the river.up


I hung around that spot for about an hour then started back up the river, stopping here and there taking my time.upriver


I’m headed back to the Monte Rio area which is up ahead by that hill.riverup


I stopped by these ducks that were taking it easy. Mallards.ducks


Shooting the bull with the fishermen

Eventually I made it back up where the two boats of fishermen were fishing and pulled into the brush so I could shot the bull with them for a bit. Still no fish action, but it was a nice day to be on the


I left them at it and headed on up to the boat ramp where these mallard ducks greeted me. They slowly moved out of the way.boatramp


I took my boat out and went on home. I seemed to be worn out, so I napped and then took it easy for the rest of the day.

That was my day.

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  1. dangurney51 says:

    Nice photo of that Kingfisher. They’re hard to get close to.

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