Ray and I Paddle Down Below Monte Rio Checking Out How the Steelhead Fishermen Were Doing

Monday December 3, 2018 Monte Rio CA.

Met Ray at Monte Rio

I got an email this morning from Ray saying he’s headed out to Jenner to kayak for the day. I wrote back that I thought Monte Rio would be better because the wind was up a bit at Jenner so I met him at Monte Rio to kayak for the day.

Down river on a cool day

We put our boats in the water to a cool day and headed down river.river1


Steelhead fishermen

We paddled on by some steelhead fishermen in their boats. I asked if there was any fish action. Not much, things are slow as it’s still early in the season and the fish haven’t started coming up the river yet.boats3


Not much wildlife today

There was only a slight breeze as we drifted down the river. It was cool enough that there weren’t a lot of birds on the river.river4


We did pass by these feeding mallard ducks.ducks5


Just above the Villa Grande Pool.river6


Sheridan beach

Headed down to the Sheridan beach up ahead as far as you can see. We plan to yak down to this beach and sit for a bit before turning back up the river.river7


We sat around Sheridan beach for a bit shooting the bull, then started back up the river.river8


Quite a squawk

And paddled by this old great blue heron resting on the side. It took off as we approached and flew off with some load squawking.heron9


Here we are coming up on the Villa Grande Pool.villa10


And coming up below Monte Rio.ray11


One guy still fishing

We had to paddle a bit coming up what is called the slot where there was still one guy fishing away, a guy named Owen. We talked for a bit before paddling on.fishboat13


Here’s Ray and I coming up to the boat ramp where we pulled our boats out for the day.ramp


We went on home where I had a bit of a nap and then went out to take care of my chickens, checking their water and feed.

About four PM I let the chickens out into the yard to graze until they came into roost around five and that was it for me today for a nice day even thought it was a bit on the cool side.

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