Checking Out The Pillars of Rome At Rome Oregon

Sunday October 16, 2022 Rome Oregon

I have cell service but having problems posting. This is the fourth one today and we’ll be out in the woods again so no cell service. Recent posts in the side bar is the way to read them in order.

Making our way to Rome

We had about 40 miles to travel to hit highway 95 so we could drive on down to Rome Oregon, about 20 miles.

We drove on down from our dirt road camp spot and onto on this pretty good road, making good time.ranch1


We drove on by this reservoir, but I never did get it’s name.reservoir2


Follow the GPS if you dare, we do

And then my GPS directed us onto this lesser used road and we had a little rock but all in all, the road wasn’t bad compared to some roads we’d just been on.road3


Old stone cabins

There were a couple stone cabins along the road that we stopped to check out. The workmanship on this one was real good as the rocks were put together well. Good enough that it’s still mostly standing after all these years.cabin4


We also checked out this one. Another well done job. This one seemed to be some kind of bunk house.cabin5


We are still on the lesser road and making fairly good time now as we passed these water tanks for the cattle. This area is mostly a cattle area.vans6


There were lots of cattle at this water hole.cattle7


Info at Rome

We got back on a better road and made good time to highway 95 and drove south about 20 miles to Rome where we pulled in to the gas place there.

I wanted to ask someone about the Pillars of Rome that was out the road right across the highway from the gas place. A guy pulled up in a golf cart which turned out to be the owner of the place, gas, café and RV parking.

Just the right guy to get some info of the area and he provided us with what we needed to find the spot and find a place to camp for the night. We’ll return to his gas station in the morning to fill up as there’s not a lot of places on this highway to fill up.

Looking for the Pillars of Rome

After that we crossed the highway and drove on out this road about two miles looking for the Pillars of Rome.ranch8


Owyhee River

We drove on down this road and crossed the bridge to check out the river on the way.road10


We turned around once crossing the bridge and turned back.bridge9


This is the Owyhee river which starts way east at the Duck Valley Indian reservation where we were a few days ago.river11


We could see some of the pillars up ahead so drove on out that way looking for a camp spot for the night.road12


Some of the pillars were on private property so no camping there, so we kept looking and took a little dirt side road. There weren’t any roads to most of the pillars.pillers13


Tonight’s camp spot

We drove out that road for about two miles and found this spot to camp for the night, very peaceful area.camp14


Walk across the field

After settling in to our camp I took a little walk out in the field across from our camp to look around. You can see the two vans parked on other side of this grassy field if you look hard. I had a good walk.camp15


Tomorrow’s plans

We need to gas up first thing and start our journey south and then west to start our trek back towards home. We’ll go down highway 95 to White Horse road and then down to highway 140 west and meet highway 395 somewhere and then find our next camp spot.

We hope to make it to Last Chance Creek where we camped on the way in a couple weeks ago.

Nice day.

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  1. Gaelyn says:

    Agree with Nancy.

  2. Nancy K says:

    I think this is the best trip you’ve done … most all on dirt roads … old wagon trails. How fun is that???

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