Traveling Highway 395, Little Walker Creek Road Camp Spot

Monday February 10, 2020 395 Little Walker Creek CA.

Travel day

I got going early today and was off on my trip to Quartzite by way of highway 395. I wanted to go this way to do some exploring in the Bishop area just south of here a couple hours. Here is Little Walker Creek, CA. right near where Sonora Pass road 108 comes into 395.

There’s some kind of camp area up the road but the snow on the road stopped me from going on up to it. However where I hit the snow there’s a nice wide turn out spot where other’s have camped so that’s where I’m at.

The travel day was good. I took as many back type roads as I could, which meant I could drive a bit slower  but that means it takes longer which is just fine with me. Most of the short cut passes over to this area from the west are closed for the winter so I had to come down from the North which also added some time.

My plan from here is to drive on down to Bishop first thing as it’s couple hours down the road and do some exploring around there if I can. A lot of the dirt back roads get real muddy when the sun comes out so I may be limited but that’s part of why I’m here to check it out.

After exploring around Bishop I will drive South to Essex Road on Highway 58 to get closer to Quartzite so the next days drive will be short. I’ll drive down there even if I have to do it in the dark as these kinds of big desert roads are easy to drive at night with very little traffic.

I’ll post this one in Bishop and the next post should be from Quartzite.

Nice travel day, long but not stressful and the rest of the trip is easy compared to getting across the state of California.

See you in Bishop.

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  1. Pat says:

    I was raised in Bishop (actually in Rovana, at the base of Mt. Tom) & went to Bishop Union High School. Spent plenty of time skiing at Mammoth Mountain.Schat’s bakery, another favorite place. Beautiful country!! Been following your blog for some time now. Pat, Central Texas

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