Checking Out the Steelhead Fishermen At Monte Rio

Saturday January 30, 2021 Monte Rio CA.

Paddle day

With more rain coming into our area tonight or tomorrow I thought I’d go down to the river and get a paddle in while I could.

So off to Monte Rio to put  my boat into the river at the boat ramp.

Steelhead fishermen

I first paddled up river a 100 yards to talk with this steelhead fisherman in the red. The river water is a little on the muddy side from the recent rains so fishing is likely not to too good but hey, it’s fishing and these days one has to fish while they can with all the fishing regulations.fisherman


The slot

After shooting the bull with that guy for a bit I turned and drifted on the current down stream where I talked with the guys in these two boats fishing in what is known as the


They weren’t catching anything.

After a bit I continued on down the river going by these male merganser ducks.ducks


I spooked this great blue heron off it’s perch by the side of the river.heron


The sky had a lot of nice clouds in it with a good bit of sun poking through which was nice, looking down


Down river

I paddled about a mile and a half down the river from the boat ramp and stopped in this spot for a rest and to enjoy the river before starting back up the


After a good break in that spot I started back up the river. Even though the water was a bit muddy it was still a good reflector.villa


Headed back up the river towards Monte Rio.riverducks


I pasted by these mud hens feeding on the duck weed flouting on the water with the great blue heron in the background.birds


Old male

It looks like an old male great blue heron.blueheron


I cruised by here almost back up to Monte Rio which is at the bottom of that hill up ahead.riverup


Back at Monte Rio I stopped here for a bit to enjoy the river before heading to the boat ramp in front of me.ramp


I paddled across to the boat ramp and loaded my boat and drove on home.


The chickens were eager to get out into the front yard to graze so I let them into the front yard. There they go.chickens


Mulch pile

I noticed the fresh pile of woodchips was putting out stream as the pile heats up. When a pile heats up like this it really speeds up the decomposition of the pile turning it into mulch much, much faster.steam


Loading up

I needed a couple loads of woodchips in the blueberry patch so I loaded up the wheelbarrow twice.woodchips


Blueberry patch

And dumped the chips in the blueberry patch. I also put some fertilizer on the newly planted strawberries and will let the rains coming in water them.chips


After that there was only a little time to sit around chair hopping enjoying the day.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    What a great day for a yak! Great shots of the heron, yes, he does indeed like an old geezer.
    The water reflections are always beautiful no matter the water colour.

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