Starting More Grape Cuttings and Transplanting Some Daffodils

Sunday January 31, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Spring garden work day

I thought it was supposed to rain today so thought I’d be spending the day in the house but it wasn’t raining so what to do.

I still have some stuff I want to do for spring in the yard so I thought I better do that and get it over with.

Transplanting daffodils

I had a couple nice clumps of daffodils that were coming up but they were in the wrong place and getting run over so I needed to dig them up and plant them somewhere else.

I’m digging up the clumps of daffodils with some help.daffs


I got a bucket full of bulbs to transplant somewhere when I get a chance.bulbs


Getting grape cuttings

I also wanted to get some more grape cuttings in the ground to hopefully sprout roots and grow so I went for a walk over to my brother’s garden area walking through here.ferns


His garden is just up ahead. I want to get some grape cuttings from some grapes that are growing on his


I got the canes now I need to take them back to my house and get them in the ground.canes


Tom’s garden

But first I walked on through his garden by this onions.onions


Berry plants

And I checked out his big strawberry patch to see if there where any new berry plants I could get for my planters as I could use some more plants in them. I noticed some new berry plants on the edges of his rows so I’ll have to come back soon and get some.berrypatch


My brother sells eggs and has a lot of chickens. Here’s some of them as I walked on by.chickens


Headed back to my house I started to walk over this bridge when I something across the bridge caught my eye.bridge


Some deer grazing on the new spring grasses. I have them fenced out of my yard.deer


Holes for the grape cuttings

Back home I started digging holes to put a grape cutting in each. I rounded up some mulch to fill the holes back in with.hole


I put one cutting in each hole and filled the hole up with mulch.kanes


Cuttings all planted

It’s hard to see but the grape cutting is at the end of the cutters and will hopefully grow this spring.planted


I planted about ten grapes around the yard. If just a few of them grow I’ll be in some new grapes in a couple years.

I still will have to put some wire around each cutting to keep the chickens from digging them up when I get time.

Towards evening I let the chicken’s out into the front yard to graze while I sat down and watched them.pile


Daffodils in the ground

Eventually I got up and got all the daffodil bulbs I dug up this morning planted. I planted them outside my main gate for the tourists which should look good when they all bloom next year.

I’m slowly getting the stuff I need to get done for spring done which is good as spring will soon start to come on strong in about another week.

Nice day working in the yard.

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