Monte Rio Kayaking

Friday, Apr. 5, 2013, Monte Rio, CA.

We kayaked down from Monte Rio today.

I met Steve at Monte Rio this morning. We decided to go down river. When we got there it was looking like it might shower on us, so I put my rain pants on. Good thing too, as as soon as we got in the water a drizzle started. It got worst as we went down the river toward Villa Grande, but……………

Just as we got to the Villa Grande hole, the drizzle lifted and it was a nice calm day and even a little sun shined though, so we continued down the river We went down as far as Cassini’s and then made our way back in the late afternoon. We saw a couple of single otters, being real careful, as they pasted us. They sure seem skittish right now for some reason?

A breeze came up as we went down the river, but not too bad. When we got to the Austin Creek area, we paddled into it for a ways and took a break, before heading back up the river. We were back at Monte Rio by five pm and I followed Steve home to help his neighbor work on his computer to no avail. It has a virus that won’t quite and the guy doesn’t have his installation disks, so he’ll have to bite the bullet and purchase Window’s eight to fix it up.

Now, where are the pictures today? Well, I put the memory card in the camera in the wrong slot last night, so none of the pictures I took today where saved. Operator error, they call that.

Had a nice day.

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