Checking Out the Tank In Queen’s Canyon In the Kofa

Monday March 7, 2022 Kofa Arizona

Been windy

I wasn’t sure what kind of day it was going to be so I got out my kite and charged up my drone batteries and never did get around to using either one of them, but at least now I’m ready to go.batts1



Around noon Gaelyn came over to my van and we shot the bull for a few hours. She talks with her hands a lot.talker2


Bumpy road ride

About 4 we jumped in my van and headed out to the Queen’s Canyon Road, a very bumpy road that it’s good to go slow on.road3


We continued on up the road headed up into those hills in a canyon.road4


We stopped here and there along the way to take pictures.road5



This is the gateway into Queen’s canyon through those cactus.road6


Hiking to the tank

We parked here to hike up past that sign to what they call a tank in these parts, a water hole where animals drink, just up that canyon about a half mile of so.parked7


The trail to the tank was fairly easy. You just have to watch out for the cactus as they can hurt a bit. The wind was blowing this afternoon and it was a bit on the cool side.trail8


At the tank

Here we are at the tank, water hole. Gaelyn is checking out some brass markers set into the rock marking this spot.tank10


This is what the water hole looked like. Animals come to this spot each night to fill up with water.


Suns going down

We checked the tank out and took some pictures then started back. The sun was going down and it was after 6 as we headed down the trail back to my van.rocks11


More nice rocky views on the way back down the trail.rocks12


Getting dark on the way out

The sun was going down fast behind these rocky  mountains as we got back to the rig.rocks13


Skull rock

There’s a place they call the skull which is made of rock where we checked out before returning to the van.

On the way out of the canyon, driving the van, the sun was going down fast and this was the view just before real dark set in.dark`4


I hadn’t planned it but we ended up driving out in the dark and got back to camp around 8.

Nice day.

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4 Responses to Checking Out the Tank In Queen’s Canyon In the Kofa

  1. Gaelyn says:

    Thanks for the great day.

  2. Upriverdavid says:

    Hey Bob—–Hey Gaelyn….Cool that you two could get together!

  3. Patsy+Irene says:

    Looks like you had a nice day for hiking, driving and taking pictures.
    I’m glad to see the watering hole for animals. There was a place, man made, at Lone Tree Hill, near Lake Havasu. I walked to it a few times but never saw any animals near it. You were probably close to the time they’d be visiting that hole.

  4. The Kofa Mountains are my favorite and I remember well the Queen Canyon drive that Kelly and I did a number of years ago. That’s a pretty groovy van you got:))

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