Checking the Vacation Beach Dam and Sealing Up the Van’s Back Doors

Saturday June 17, 2017 Guerneville CA.

I needed to check out the dam’s access

I asked John Sundburg if the Vacation Beach dam would be filled up by Monday when we were supposed to go down the river from Guerneville’s Johnson’s beach on Monday.

John’s one of the main guys who installs and takes out the summer dams. He said no, the water won’t be filled up by then.

So I drove down to have a look to see what the conditions would be.

Road closed

The summer crossing has road closed signs on it as the road isn’t in yet.  I walked the short distance down the road to have a look.road


I could see the river wasn’t up yet as I looked down the portage road just above the dam.portage


The portage road goes down here to the river. You can see there has been some work on the dam, but it’s not all in yet.dam


I walked across the road and looked down the down side of the portage which looked like this.loser


I walked out on the bridge to have a look, looking back.bridge


Views up and down the river

Looking up stream from the bridge. That’s a fish ladder on the left.river


Looking down river from the bridge where we’d put back in the water on the right.downriver


Looks like we can do it

After checking out the river it looks like everything is ok for the trip, so I went on home.

Washing the van bed

I had washed my comforter cover and put it back on the bed in the van that looks like this. Needless to say, I crawled in for a bit of a nap.bed


Sealing door seals

I did some work on the van’s back door seals and am waiting for the silicone to dry so I can so some more work to seal up the doors from dust getting into the back of the van.

Getting things ready for Monday’s paddle

Just before dark, I got my other two kayaks out and cleaned them up a bit so we can use them this Monday when some people from our elementary school class will be meeting and going down the river. This is the year we all turn


That pretty much took up my day and that was it.

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