Kayaking Monte Rio to Vacation Beach Dam and Back on a Hot Day

Monday, July, 1, 2013, Monte Rio, CA.

The river was backed up to the Vacation Beach Dam

It sounded like it was going to be a another hot one today. So, of course I headed to the river to kayak. I decided to do Monte Rio to Vacation Beach Dam and back. It’s a lot warmer than Jenner in this area, but with the river’s mouth closed, the water was high all the way up to the dam. When the river’s mouth closes, it can back up water all the way to the Vacation Beach Dam, so it’s like one big lake between the ocean and the Vacation Beach Dam. This means that all the shallow spots in the water, aren’t, at this time.

I put my boat in the water at the Monte Rio boat ramp around 1 PM and headed up the river at a fairly good pace. Because it was just after noon, there wasn’t much shade to be found on the shores tree line, so I just kept going up the river. It was fairly hot, I wore my swim suit and I was going to jump in the water and get wet somewhere, but with the water so high, there weren’t many spots with a shore to get out on. I planned to do it at the Boho hole, but two ladies where in the water there, and I didn’t want to disturb their privacy, so I pushed on up the river and never did jump in the water.

The Boho’s were building their summer dock which they use for about two weeks then tear down again. In the picture below, they are just getting started on it. It’s a fairly big thing.bohodock


This shot of the river, just above the Boho’s corner, headed up the river.view1


Another river view while headed up the river.view2


This is the view as I approached the Vacation Beach Dam. Usually this still water is all rippled. But, like I said, the river’s mouth being closed backs the water all the way up to this dam, so there are no ripples just in front of me. This is a summer dam and bridge for cars.dam


Lots of water coming over the dam’s spillway. A couple kids having a fun time playing in the water.dam2


I didn’t stay too long at the dam and headed back down the river.

This is another shot showing the nice scenery on the river.view3


I took my time paddling back down the river, stopping along the way when I could find some shade.

A green heron flew in near me, so I got it’s picture.greenheron


I think I got back around five or so, but not sure. It was still pretty hot when I got home, so not much of anything got done and besides I was tired out from my day’s paddle.

Had a nice day.

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