Chicken Coop Needs a Screen Door So I Improvised

Wednesday May 23, 2018 Guerneville CA.

I need a screen door

My brother Tom tells me I need a screen door on my chicken coop for ventilation. So instead of buying one, I decided to install some screens in this


So I’m making one sorta

I measured and cut and screwed things together. I’m making two screens on the door with their own doors.door


Here’s a close up of one of the screens.screen


Almost finished

Here is the two screen doors open.screens


A little paint might be nice and I still have a little green paint left thanks to Marty who gave me some.

Almost forgot

I started to put the tools away and remembered I have to put a screen on the little window on the side too. It has a removable piece of plastic in it which I didn’t want to lose. Since this one was up high I decided the chicken wire would work just fine.window


Once that was done, I took a break before working on some more stuff.

Burying fence

The screens took most of the day, but I still had a bit of work left in me. I buried some more of the fence wire that keeps critters from digging under the pen so that’s all done for now until I make more panels.

After that I sat around in the yard and chair hopped until it got dark.

And that was my day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    That’s is a great idea and with the paint, it will look finished. Nice work, as usual!

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