Ray and I Decide to Kayak Up Above Monte Rio and Back

Tuesday May 22, 2018 Monte Rio CA.

A nice day to kayak the river

Ray said he was going kayaking at Monte Rio today so I joined him. We put our boats in the water at the boat ramp. Right away these ducks swam by us. Looks like the little ducky’s are out in force.ducks1


Started out getting our feet wet

We tried to paddle through the shallows just below the bridge, but couldn’t make it up through the current so we had to get out and walk our boats through the water about a 100 yards up the river before we could get back in and paddle up the river.

The river looks nice today, eh.river2


I spied something moving over on the shore which turned out to be this night heron fishing along the shoreline.heron3


This great blue heron was watching it fish.heron4


Interesting ducky

Up the river a ways we spotted these little ducks. That one whitish one is out of place. Ray thought maybe an albino, but about a quarter mile up the river we saw another one just like this, just one in the group. I think another duck laid an egg in the others nest or maybe it mated with a white male duck. Not sure, but it was something to talk about.duckies5


One of the nicest places on the river

Here we are entering the area of the Bohemian Club one of the nicer spots on the river.boho6


This female wood duck was sneaking by with two little ones.woodducks7


And here’s a male wood duck.woodie9


And we went by a number of turtles getting some sun.turtle10


Good current for drifting

Eventfully we turned back down the river and put our boats in drift mode as there was a good current.river11


Ray went to shore for a bit at Boho and these ducks came up to say hi, or maybe it was you got something to eat. No.ducks13


We drifted down river  and went under the Monte Rio bridge to the boat ramp just below it and went on home.rio14


Making plans and some work

At home I made plans for how much wood I’d need to make some chicken roosts and I set up the water on top of this enclosure and tried it out. Eventually I’ll have a sprinkler on top of each enclosure, just one more to go.water15


Strawberry plants

I have some strawberry plants in my blueberry enclosure, but the potatoes growing in there are shading them out so I moved most of the strawberry plants to this garden enclosure. I’ll be able to look after the plants better in this spot and see when they have berries and eat them.berries15


I spent some time burying more of the fence wire that is used to keep critters from digging under the fence until it got dark and that was it for me today for a nice one.

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  1. PG says:

    I was on the water that day too from Monte Rio. But of course I went down river. I saw your truck and knew you were out there! Great weather these days.

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