Chicken Feeder Repair, Hand Pollinating, Tree Cutting and Some Digging

Sunday April 4, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Chicken feeder repair

I needed to repair the trip opener on my rodent proof chicken feeder as it wasn’t working right.

Here’s the open rodent proof feeder. I fill it up with chicken feed at night when I close the chickens up and set the trip so they can open it in the morning and feed early.feedbox1


I needed to adjust the trip wire that works like a pin to keep the door closed and releases when the chickens push the stick down by standing on it and the door opens so they can eat.



I repaired the trip wire and tightened things up a bit and it was ready to go. This is in the closed for the night position.



Without this box the rodents come in at night and feast.

I went by the chickens egg laying boxes on the way out.nestboxes4


I did some chair hopping figuring out what to do today and put some water on to water.water5


Hand pollinating

I’ve had a hard time getting many cherries so I used this dust mop to pollinate some of the lower blooms to see if that helps or not. I also started giving the trees some fertilizer starting around Christmas time to  help improve things I hope.dusting6


There’s a bunch of honey bees just across the road but they seem to be somewhere else, maybe in the Madrone trees as they are blooming too and have a lot of nectar.

Trimming plum trees

I was looking at this big cherry tree and how the plum trees are over crowding it on the right so I got out my compound loppers and started whacking away at the plum trees but soon realized I’d need the chain saw to get the job done.trees7


I cut a lot of plum trees down and now I have to clean up the mess, but not right now as I’m tired out.brush8


So I rested for a bit then rode the quad up to this spring area and parked here.quad12


Digging the pipe out

I wanted to dig out this cement pipe to use on a road culvert to widen out the one that is there as it’s too narrow for fire trucks and such.

I think it’s 2 or 3 feet deep and four feet wide so I need to dig it out some so I can hook it up and pull it out with a machine such as the dozer or tractor.pipe


I got it dug out to here so far. It has some holes in it that I hope to put a steel bar in and hook a chain to it to pull it out, but not today.pipe10


I noticed the Trilliums are blooming.terilium11


Working on the fire break

On the way home I stopped here to cut this dead tree off a fire break.deadtree13


I cut it in pieces so I could drag it out of the way.trimmed14


That’s better, I need to widen out this fire break a bit to make it more effective.break15


Well that was enough work for one day so I went on home and took it easy for the rest of the day.

Nice day.

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