Hermit Visit and Trying Out My New Crampons On a Steep Hike

Saturday April 3, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Headed up to the Hermit’s

I headed on up through the State Park and up to the Hermit’s place on this road.road1


And on into the Hermit’s place on his driveway.drive2


I parked here and walked up to his house in the background.car2


Pull the rope to ring his bell

I rang his his house bell vigorously but I didn’t get a reply so I rang it some more and Nathan finally answered. He’d been doing some house cleaning for company for Easter and was a bit tired out.

He said he could only chat for a few minutes as he had to get back to his house cleaning so we sat down and shot the bull for a bit, then he showed me out.nat3


Going for a hike

I’d told him I was going for a hike on his place up above his place to check out his spring area and some other springs.

I started out here headed up the hill.hill4



I’d seen a guy who helps Nathan with some crampons that you pull over your shoes to get a better grip while walking up in these steep hills.

I thought they’d be good for walking on the slippery rocks at the ocean so I ordered a pair and today I was going to try them out as I was going up some steep slippery hills.

Here they are and come with a little carry bag. They just pull over my shoes.crampons


I had to be careful about making sure the chains and parts were all lined up correctly when putting them on and this is what they look like installed.installed6


I bought these at Amazon for under 20 bucks. Here is the link for them.

Amazon.com: Limm Crampons Ice Traction Cleats XLarge – Shoe Grips on Bottom of Shoes Quickly & Easily Over Footwear for Snow & Ice – Portable Microspikes & Ice Cleats for Shoes & Boots: Sports & Outdoors

I used them to go up some real steep hills that my shoes would have  slipped down the hills and I was really impressed how well they worked. Highly recommended after using them.

Hike up the hill

I started up the hill going through here after grabbing a hiking stick.flowers7


And went by his spring water line. The forest fire went through here but didn’t kill all the trees.waterline


I needed to go up here to get above his spring area to check out some new springs we are checking out. Those crampons kept me from slipping and I couldn’t have made it easily with my shoes.forest8


I made it into this ravine where I was looking for springs.ravine9


Worked well on rock too

And got a chance to try the crampons on rock. They worked real good and should work real good on the slippery rocks at the ocean. I continued up this ravine to look for springs. There was quite a bit of water here and there in the rocks but I wasn’t sure I was still on his property or not.rocks10


Steep by gorgeous area

I sat here for a break then walked down this ravine a bit looking around. It’s an interesting place to  hike around.ravine11


I was up there a couple hours hiking around enjoying myself and getting some exercise too.

I had let Nathan know I wasn’t going to stop at his house on the way back as not to disturb his house cleaning.

Very impressed with the crampons

I must say I was real pleased with how the new crampons worked out allowing me to go places I wouldn’t have been able to go without them without breaking my neck.

Real green

I got back to my car and drove on down the hill. The grasses seem especially green this year after the forest fires last summer. I think all the fire ash fertilized everything.grass13


I was pretty beat when I got home so a good nap was in order.

Then I went over and helped my brother Tom do some stuff at his place and the day was about over.

Carl suggests

Carl in comments suggests I use the plastic irrigation valve boxes with lids to cover up my valves up on my spring water line. I had thought of them and use a lot of them around our houses but up in the hills one of the purposes of covering up the plastic water lines is to keep them from burning up during a forest fire so that’s why I’ll use something metal instead. I do like those boxes. I have so many of them around our houses it’s going to made someone’s life miserable trying to figure them out after I’m gone. :O) Thanks Carl.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    I am blown away that Nathan manages so well on his own. The power of positivity, he believes that he can do it and does just fine.
    I’m glad you like the crampons. They are a little different than mine but the same general idea. I need to order a new pair since the metal on mine is getting worn.
    Looks like a great day!

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